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An app that allows us to use our phones as if they were radar has sparked controversy in the UK. We tell you all the details.

SpeedCam Everywhere is an app created by a British developer that This allows the possibility of using our mobile device as if it were radar.

This app has put out more than the UK’s most important hurricane, and it’s no less, because it is legal form for the authorities report speeding.

So much so that the developers of this app they have to hide their identity to avoid possible reprisals or clashes with the possible impact.

This application has a fairly simple operation. Capture the license plate of the car we recorded, using the camera, and check the database to identify data about it.

At the same time, it shoots a video which is then compared to the previous footage on the same route, to, by artificial intelligencedetects the speed of the car you are recording moving.

Once the proper calculations are made, the application generates a report in PDF format, with overly detailed and extensive designs and extensions.

This report then can be submitted to the authoritiesso they can denounce this vehicle for speeding and they can impose sanctions, as it were radar it is treated

Legal possibility to make a complaint by the police through these reports has sufficiently angered the British users who were affected by itand has strongly criticized the creators of this application.

The creator of this application made a subsection that this application It has no purpose of revenge against anyoneif that wasn’t what attempted to report speeding which then ended up causing serious accidents and running over users, 20,000 a year according to reports.

If any ordinary citizen could report this type of high speed, this will make the driver drive at a moderate and legal speedand will make them aware of compliance with restrictions, increasing the safety of their occupants.

DGT’s radar is empty: How many are there? Is it possible to identify them?

Not everything is pretty for this app, because in its day Google refuses to publish it on Play Store states that it is impossible with artificial intelligence to detect vehicle speed. This developer managed to show that it’s possible and now you can download in your store.

As for the version for iOS, not yet available but they announced that it would be in the coming weeks, after Apple approved its distribution.

At ComputerHoy, we found it to be a very interesting application and, of course, it could also be very useful for improving road safety in our country, although legally we don’t know if it could have the same effect in terms of legality for complaints. like in England.

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