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Before the era of social networking, we went to dad or someone older to teach us how to solve some technical stuff, or solve everyday situations.

All this changed and with the encouragement of video tutorials, we now turn to them to find a quick solution.

Within those channels we find a very special channel that moves us with the story behind it, the channel is Dad, How Am I? (Dad, how do I do it) where a family man named Rob Kenney teaches you in an easy and practical way the things that adult life demands at some point.

On his channel you can find very useful videos, where you can learn, for example, how to change a tire, repair a sink, even how to tie a knot, and much more.

What is the story of Rob Kenney?

Kenney recounts in one of his videos that he first started making this video during the pandemic lockdown, and was encouraged by his kids. But there are also compelling reasons to do so.

The YouTuber shared that during his childhood his father left him and his family, when he was 12 years old. Later, things at home became so difficult that her mother was unable to support her family.

At the age of 14, Kenney moved in with his 23 year old brother who he saw as a father figure. But he learned how to survive and solve problems on his own, without a father present.

For this reason, he wants to help those without a father so that they can learn to do all the basic things that will help us in life.

Thanks to that, the youtuber has more than 3 million since he opened the channel and even wrote a book, telling his experiences as an adult and a youtuber.

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