The British warned that they would defend the Falklands from the “thugs” and provoked a Government reaction

The latest statement by the UK Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, reignited tensions with the Government over this issue Malvinas. In an act of warning, the official warned that Britain will defend the islands from “thugs” around the world, no matter how far away they are. That remark was rejected by the Chancellor, who described them as “incompatible with the existing diplomatic relations” between the countries.

Based on Telegraph, Wallace chaired a rally earlier this week for the so-called “Margaret Thatcher Day,” where the 40th anniversary of the Malvinas War which will be celebrated on April 2nd is remembered. In this context, he assures: “Our enemies must not doubt Britain’s determination to fight the criminals, defending those who cannot defend themselves and our values”.

In his speech, he stated that the war conflict that developed in 1982 must be reminder for that english populations can be “threatened from all directions and at any time”, the situation is back Investing and equipping your army is critical to the possibility of new wars.

“History is full of consequences for those who underestimate this small island, General [Leopoldo] Galtieri is no different”He added, referring to the then leader of the Military Junta who ordered the Argentine occupation of Stanley port.

Following Wallace’s statement, the government’s reaction was swift. Through a replicated statement on Twitter, he stated: “The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects the statement by the British Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, published in newspapers Daily Telegraph. Theirs aggressive threats and demeaning references towards our country is not in accordance with existing diplomatic relations”.

“Argentine democratic governments have consolidated their claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas Question within the framework of international law and through peaceful and diplomatic channels”, warn portfolio led by Santiago Café and added that “Secretary Wallace’s reference really is inappropriate and unacceptable.”

“Republic of Argentina reiterates that Britain must comply with several UN resolutions”, said the statement and reminded that they “urge a negotiated solution to the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas, South Georgia, South Sandwich and related maritime spaces.”

On the other hand, urges “once again the UK to respect international standards” declared “South Atlantic a peace zone and free nuclear weapons, and the demilitarization of the Malvinas”.

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