The controversial app that turned our smartphones into speed radar

We smartphone They have become inseparable friends in life: every day we use them for many operations, from checking traffic conditions to finding out, within a minute, the main news headlines of the day. Of course, they also serve to entertain us and in recent years, they have become one more element of our car to the point that many vehicles can be controlled or consult a large amount of information via mobile phones.

In fact, many drivers use their cell phones for navigation, regardless of whether the vehicle itself has a built-in GPS navigation system or not. Thanks to the optimization between the operating system of the vehicle and the phone, the integration is perfect and works so that, in addition, the driver does not need to use his cell phone while driving, it is also beneficial for safety.

Your phone, turned into the radar: controversy presented

However, sometimes many smartphone app developers seem to outperform themselves, and as an example, the apps we bring to you today in this article. We talk about Speedcam Everywhere, an app that turns your phone into a radar with a camera to report speed. Just as it sounds :cEach user can record vehicles that can exceed the speed limit with their mobile phone to report it later.

The controversy is such that for now, the application has only been released in the United Kingdom, and is only for smartphone users with the Android operating system, so that mobile users with the iOS (Apple) operating system cannot access it. he. The operation of this application makes use of the phone’s location system to find out the actual speed, it also uses the camera to, in real time, compare the registered number of the recorded vehicle with different databases. to find out the technical data.

With data such as wheelbase, technical data which is quite general and that is provided by all manufacturers when they launch a new model, the application is able to determine the speed at which the vehicle in question is running, it is also possible to know if the speed is exceeding the speed limit. for now, British authorities have not taken any action in this regard, without it appearing that they are willing to use this app to sanction drivers.

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