The (controversial) app that turns your smartphone into a speed camera and sends the photos to the police: this is how ‘Speedcam Anywhere’ works

New app, just a few weeks on Google Play Store great Britaincaused controversy in the country for allowing its users record car speed pass by and send pictures to the police. Named Speedcam Everywhereand the developers prefer to live in anonymity.

This app uses Artificial Intelligence to, through videos captured by users, determine how fast the car left when the pictures were uploaded to a site.

Also, software reading plate car and using data from Vehicle and Driver Licensing Agency English to identify your brand and model, then specify length between front and rear axles to compare this information with the image and thus calculate whether the car is accelerating or not.

“It can measure vehicle speed from videos, compare vehicle speed with speed limits, and provide reports showing evidence of vehicle speed,” the app’s website reads.

The user can then save those speed figures and generate reports; the idea is shared with the authorities according to the country.

However, the application cannot be used for punish the driver detected as speeding, as UK Home Office not yet approved as a certified speed sensing device.

Platform billing users £14.99 for every 1000 pieces of footage processed and promises 2% accuracy in Pro mode or 10% in basic mode. The app is expected to arrive in the United States soon.

Speedcam Developer Everywhere

Speedcam Everywhere developed by a group of AI scientists with experience in UK universities and enter Silicon Valley CompaniesHowever, they prefer to remain anonymous because they have received threats via email.

in interview with Guardone of the founders named Sam, said that making the application it’s not personal revenge towards someone, but to seek how to make roads saferWell, in the UK there are 20,000 serious traffic accidents a year.

“Some people think it’s a good idea, some people think it makes us a surveillance nation. I can see both sides of that, but I think if you’re going to have a speed limit, then it’s a law you obey, and you have to obey the law, ” he said.

Speedcam App Everywhere

However, the application is experiencing difficulties, for example, Google refuse to allow publication on the Play Store, arguing that it’s impossible to predict the speed of passing vehicles using only AI, a claim that turned out to be false when the developer gave a demo of the technology.

iOS version is also developed, but Apple not yet approved distribution and has not explained the reason for the delay.

And while drivers cannot be fined based on the data that Speedcam Anywhere returns, the founders hope that the app’s widespread use police alert about speeding up hotspots and encouraging them to take further action avoid dangerous driving.

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