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Yesterday the world learned the news that Elon Musk, the richest man in the world bought one of the most important social networks: Twitter; it is unavoidable to think about the big purchases that have been made in the technology sector. We’ve reviewed the biggest buys in history; These are the five most expensive.

Dell buys EMC

This is by far the most exciting purchase in the history of the tech sector. In 2016, computer manufacturer Dell purchased EMC, the company’s storage product developer. After this purchase, Dell Technologies emerged, the largest and most important private technology company.

Elon Musk bought Twitter

Yesterday, April 25, Elon Musk bought Twitter, one of the most important social networks in terms of debate, information and politics. Since it was discovered the tycoon’s purchase, the company’s shares rose 6%. We have to wait for the changes to come with the new owners in power.

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Avago Technologies buys Broadcom Corporation

For $37 billion, the two major chipmakers joined forces in a purchase in 2015. The deal saw Broadcom, one of the largest US semiconductor makers, surpass Qualcomm and Intel.

IBM buys Red Hat

In 2019, IBM, a well-known technology multinational, bought Red Hat, a business software developer, dedicated exclusively to Linux. The deal was made with the aim of becoming the largest hybrid cloud provider. Now Red Hat functions as IBM Cloud.

SoftBank buys ARM

In 2916 Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications and internet company, purchased ARM, a chip and software development company. From deals closing at $31.4 billion, the UK-based company has become one of the leaders in the semiconductor sector. In 2020, Softbank would sell ARM to Nvidia for $40 billion, but in the end no deal was reached.

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