The government announced that “they have everything in place to start humanitarian flights to Malvinas”

The government announced that Argentina “has everything ready to fulfill its offer to undertake two humanitarian charter flights” with Aerolineas Argentinas “to solve the problem of the Falkland Islanders, mostly of Chilean origin, who have been stranded since the start of the pandemic.’

“This humanitarian offer, made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of recommendations from the Malvinas National Council, refers to the British government’s claim that most of the stranded are Chilean nationals, making it available for aircraft to depart from the territory of the Argentine continent and their destination is Punta. Arenas or any other airport in the country,” Palacio San Martín said in a statement.

In this context, he stressed that “the proposal takes place in a context where regular flights connecting the Archipelago with the mainland have not been operating since March 2020 and due to restrictions on ground transit with the sister of the Republic of Chile for health reasons » .

In the text, he added that “despite this suspension exceeding the will of the Argentinean authorities, the national government seeks to contribute to overcoming the negative consequences generated by the pandemic by allowing people living in the Falkland Islands to travel to their cities. origin to take care of personal, health or family matters”.

Additionally, he said that “it should be remembered that until the offer of charter flights by the Argentine Government, there had been no request from the UK government in this regard and therefore, its communications have responded to the request. offer from the National Government”.
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