The government announces that it has everything in place to start a humanitarian flight for the residents of Malvinas

In this context, he stressed that “the proposal was made in a context where regular flights connecting the Archipelago with the mainland have not operated since March 2020 and are based on restrictions on ground transit with the sister of the Republic of Chile for health reasons”.

In the text, he added that “While this suspension exceeds the will of the Argentinean authorities, the national government is trying to help overcome the negative consequences generated by the pandemic by allowing people living in the Falkland Islands to travel to their hometowns to attend personal, health or relative care.”

In addition, he said that “it should be borne in mind that until the offer of charter flights by the Argentine government, there had been no request from the British government in this regard and that, therefore, their communications had responded to the request to the offer from the National Government”.

The statement reminded that Foreign Minister Santiago Caffeero “has ratified this gesture of goodwill to journalists participating in the meeting held last Monday, December 21 at the Palacio San Martín.”

He also pointed out that “The Argentine government has nothing to do with the situation of severing air links between the islands and that the British government authorities have linked to the island government’s illegitimate refusal to resume regular flights of Punta Arenas – Río Gallegos – Malvinas”.

“Faced with such an approach, Argentina has made it clear that everything related to regular flights with the islands concerns the governments of the United Kingdom and the Argentine Republic, and that they are not dependent on the illegitimate decisions of the island governments and companies.” air “, underlined the Chancellor’s statement.

He also highlighted that the San Martín Palace manifested “on repeated occasions during 2020 and 2021 the proposal of regular flights with the flag line between the Malvinas Islands and mainland Argentina, leaving in a real way, the absolute good faith and inclination of our country”.

At the close of the press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that “the circumstances described allow it to be concluded that neither the cause of the isolation suffered by the inhabitants of Malvinas nor any resistance can be attributed to the Argentine Republic, given the goodwill gestures that have been expressed and affirmed by our government.”

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