The government reaffirms its sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and demands that the UK “resume negotiations” | Chronicle

For him Day of Affirmation of Argentina’s Rights to the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich national government to Great Britain “continue negotiations” through the islands.

“The Republic of Argentina once again affirms its sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding marine space, which forms an integral part of its national territory”, That was highlighted in a statement issued by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this regard, the Argentine Government reaffirms its invitation to the UK to “continue negotiations on the issue of the Malvinas Islands in the terms set out by Resolution 2065 and other relevant resolutions issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations.”

“There is an urgent need to stop the unilateral activities of exploration and exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources in the disputed area, as set out in Resolution 31/49, as well as the unjustified presence of the British military in the South Atlantic”added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alberto Fernandez’s message to Malvinas

President Alberto Fernández reiterated this Friday that Falkland Islands “They were, are, and will be Argentines”through a post on his Twitter account.

Alberto Fernandez’s tweet for Malvinas.

“On the Day of Affirmation of Argentina’s Rights to the Malvinas Islands, I reiterate what I said yesterday at #SummitOfAmericas IX in front of regional leaders and what I will always confirm: Malvinas was, is and will be Argentina”, Fernandez noted.

The tweet was accompanied by a video recalling the creation of the Malvinas Islands Political and Military Command in 1829 and which borders Cape Horn in the Atlantic Ocean with a seat of government commanded by a governor. Louis Vernet.

For their part, the defense ministers, Jorge Taiana; and science, Daniel Filmus; and Malvinas secretary, William Carmona; presided over a memorial at the Palacio San Martín, where they agreed that di “British reluctance” to enter into negotiations opposed by a “Argentine persistence” who are more than 180 years old.

“In the case of Malvinas, persistence is allowed because no Argentine authority has ever recognized or approved of the occupation. One can argue about its tone, but no one has approved of the occupation”asserted the head of the Defense portfolio

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