The government that was besieged on several fronts managed to straighten its foreign policy

After two years of comings and goings, the Fernndez administration achieved three unexpected successes in June: America Summit, G-7 and Brics candidacy.

  • Amid economic turbulence, dollar shortages, grief over the peso, piqueteros claims and the government’s own internal affairs, foreign policy offers three pieces of good news.

The long-awaited G-7 meeting from the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Italy and Canada culminates at Elmau Castle, in the picturesque Bavarian Alps. Special guests: India, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa. and Argentina.

A victory that the opposition and official spokesmen did not recognize. Someone has tried to show that Argentina has been invited by itself. Bullshit, since it’s not true, Fernndez’s presence on such a forum is a win, needless to embellish which, on the other hand, isn’t even accurate.

Argentina was invited for leading CELAC, the Latin American Community and Caribbean Countries. The Government’s foresight to rise to the leadership of Celac should be the true pride of the ruling party, which seems determined not to take advantage of their victory, which, by the way, is rare. Senegal was summoned for leading the African Union and Indonesia leading the G-20. The only ones invited with their own weight are South Africa, Africa’s leading nation, and the powerful India, which will be sought to pull and break apart its longstanding close ties with Russia.

Albert Fern

The official hoax merges with the myopic opposition, unable to understand the importance of the G-7 to the survival of the State. If you don’t do it out of patriotism, you should do it out of convenience. If he wins next year’s election (today he leads all polls) he will have a better chance of success if he wins the seat he is already awarded than if he has to fight to win it. Buying time can be the difference between success and failure.

The main condition for generating political (even economic) confidence abroad is convincing others of the survival of the State, no matter who leads it. That is far more relevant than the legal certainty it boasts of. Are large North American and European investments in China based on the legal certainty of the courts under the Communist Party or on the predictability the regime offers?

They propose that the province of origin of residents who use CABA services reimburse the costs

crack or draft

The cracks have conditioned the continuity of Argentina’s international policy for two decades. The impetus in each successive management change and oppositional myopia has promoted imaginary conceptions. Each attributes unspeakable purpose and eternal conquest for his rivals.

For certain Cambiemos leadership, Cristina Fernndez is trying to turn Argentina into Venezuela from Nicols Maduro. absurd. Not just because that wasn’t the goal; this model requires the compliance of the Armed Forces as a pillar of the regime, something no one can trust. Not to mention it is childish to believe that Argentina can follow countries with less attendance.

Frente de Todos’s unacceptable defense of the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan regimes, however, will only discredit and disappoint. There is a reason why the new Chilean president, a true leftist, disapproves of this dictatorship. Just like Gustavo Petro, the first left-wing president in Colombian history.

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  • The ruling party also creates: assumes that the opposition is just a puppet of Washington. The only thing that is clear is that Mauricio Macri is trying to be the man from the United States for the next election, a place disputed by Patricia Bullrich. The majority of Cambiemos, on the other hand, are not looking towards an exclusive horizon.

In government, for its part, there is also no shortage of supporters of closer ties to Washington. As we showed a year ago in The EconomistMoscow friends, Beijing sympathizers, supporters of closer ties to the European Union and also friends of the United States live side by side in government.

  • The relevant figures of the state apparatus, such as Sergio Massa, Juan Manzur and Gustavo Bliz, do not hide their preference for Americans: the third in a row, the head of formal government and the Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Nation.

Saving Biden

Casa Rosada (and Palacio San Martín de Santiago Cafiero) just scored on the occasion of the IX Americas Summit (6-10 June).

The meeting was in jeopardy: Mexico announced it would not participate, Venezuela was not invited, and Brazil has been on Joe Biden’s blacklist since Jair Bolsonaro backed Donald Trump’s fraud allegations. Without Argentina, the call failed. Unrepresentative failure.

  • Fernndez was surprised by his unusual cunning.He hardened his differences with Washington, threatened not to attend and finally reached a reasonable agreement: to participate, to protect in his speech some of the differences between Buenos Aires and Washington. Photo with Biden. Friendship, neutrality and autonomy. Three constants in the Argentine diplomatic tradition, with few exceptions.

As icing on the cake, on June 23, Argentina was also invited to a virtual meeting of the XIV Summit of Heads of State Brics, an organization that brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Fernndez ratifies Argentina’s goal of becoming a full member of Brics

Nearly half of the world’s population and a quarter of the gross product. Fernndez confirmed his intention to join as a full member. The ruling party confirmed that the invitation came from Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Sources from Casa Rosada discount that, if Lula becomes the next president, Brazil will promote Argentina’s candidacy.

Many say that international politics does not affect the vote, perhaps not directly.

  • But it is clear evidence that the economic and financial decisions of powerful states and the international organizations they lead are guided, inexcusably, from a political perspective…

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