The government will demand from the UK a peaceful solution to Malvinas sovereignty claims

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero said that “Argentina pursues a realistic, friendly and dignified foreign policy.”

Santiago Cafiero, who took office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year, after serving as Chief of Staff, stated that “Argentina pursues a realistic, friendly and dignified foreign policy “, which ” operates at the same time, defends its national interests and generates the necessary relations and cooperation“.

Ahead of the fortieth anniversary of the Malvinas War, which will be commemorated on April 2, Cafiero anticipates: “From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we will emphasize our demand for the UK to comply with UN Resolution 2065, which requires it to sit down and seek a peaceful solution to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.“.

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Cafiero also defines Mercosur as a “platform of integration” of the country with the region and the world.; and highlighting Human Rights organizations and policies developed since the Néstor Kirchner administration, as being responsible for the fact that Argentina has been elected for the first time in history to chair the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Organization (UN).

This is an acknowledgment of our history, our present and how we propose the defense of human rights as a pillar of our democracy for our future“, he concluded.

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