The GT that wants to be an electric car with greater autonomy

    Fisker continues to expand its new model family that currently forms the Fisker Ocean and the future Fisker PEAR. For them now added the third model, the electric Grand Tourer known as the Fisker Ronin and it was presented as a very ambitious model, and that’s what Fisker said that the goal with it is “to achieve the greatest reach in the production of electric vehicles”. A sort of flagship from the brand that acts as “a showcase of our in-house engineering, powertrain and software capabilities” as the company’s CEO Henrik Fisker describes it.

    The best technology and engineering in its creation

    In order to achieve this, Fisker spoke of a first-rate technique level, using the most advanced and lightest materials as well as active aerodynamic technology, and innovative battery designs which integrates the package into the structure of the car. All this while looking to find good balance between autonomy, performance and driving experience.

    They also will not neglect the comfort on board. And for this they will offer a body format with unique doors and an atmosphere of pure luxury inside, using vegan materials with the new and modern design style introduced to the brand.

    Premiere in 2024

    As Fiskker explained, Ronin will be presented in full in August 2023, with a view to production to begin in 2024, so we still have to wait for a good season. What we do know, as Autocar revealed, is that the model will be developed in the UK, at the center of Fisker Magic Works. Therefore, this will be the third model of the rising electric car brand, in addition to this future Grand Turismo, it also has a compact SUV, the Fisker Ocean, and the future urban model PEAR.

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