the man who entered Windsor Castle wants to kill the Queen

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Further details are known about the 19-year-old who wanted to attack the Queen of England on Christmas Day. Tabloid The Sun has published a video he sent to friends on Snapchat minutes before climbing the gates of the castle where the king was having breakfast.

Marie Boëda, London correspondent

It was 8:06 am on December 25 when the video was posted on the website of The Sun newspaper. The document shows a man in a white mask, in a black hood holding a crossbow. He said his name was Darth Jones, referring to the “dark side of the Force” from the Star Wars saga. Behind it hung a photo of a character from the film.

His voice is distorted. He explains that he will try to kill the queen and that he does not believe he will survive the attack. He wanted to avenge the protesters who were killed in India in 1919 and massacred by the British.

Twenty-four minutes later, armed agents pounced on him. He was being held by security at Windsor Castle, 500 meters from His Majesty’s private apartment, where he was having breakfast.

He manages to climb up the sharp metal door using a rope ladder, but he quickly sets off the alarm and is spotted by security cameras. After being arrested, he was eventually admitted under the Mental Health Act.

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