the most humane robot ever developed in the UK

UK.- British Company Engineering Arts featuring robots with “human facial expressions and gestures”; The model did not take long to provoke a series of memes, as well as surprised and even frightened reactions from social network users.

“Ameka”, is the name the British company gave to the robot with the most advanced human face in the world. Regarding the model, Engineered Arts has ensured that it represents “the cutting edge of technology.”

Likewise, on its web portal, it was announced that the robot specially designed with the aim of promoting future new robotic technologies. In addition, he determined that the model’s modular architecture allows its capabilities to increase when updated, this includes both physical and software parts.

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What shocked Internet users the most was the fact that Ameca has a face consisting of eyes, mouth, cheeks, and forehead that change their original shape to reflect emotions, which range from happiness, surprise, and surprise..

Last Thursday, December 2nd, Engineered Arts published a video on its virtual platform to demonstrate the fluidity of physical movement that humanoids possess, as well as the naturalness of their faces.

However, even though Ameca has all the high-tech robotic qualities that make her face as close to a human as possible, the machine still doesn’t know how to run, so the British company has promised to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

It will be at the international technology exhibition CES 2022 as Engineered Arts shows more examples of what robots can do. This event will take place in Las Vegas, United States, in January next year.

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After the publication of a video showing the movement of the Ameca robot, opinions on social networks were divided; While some were surprised by the technology’s ability to mimic human gestures and movements in robots, others remembered what happened in the science fiction film “Yo, robot”.

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