The negative gap between late payments of agricultural companies and the national average grows from 2021

It late payment from company agriculture sector reached 17.19 days in the first quarter of 2022, according to A study of the payment behavior of companies in the sector Agriculture made by INFORM D&B SAU (SME), (a subsidiary of CESCE), a leader in providing Commercial, Financial, Sectoral and Marketing Information. Since the first quarter of 2021, the difference in delays in the sector with the national average has not stopped growing, exceeding two and a half days in the last three months.

It Average company delays in the Agriculture sector, which comprises more than 80,000 companies, remained below the national average from late 2011 to the third quarter of 2018 (except in the last quarter of 2017). Since then, lags in the sector have outpaced overall, reaching a gap of more than two days over three quarters in 2019. Then it declined, to slightly below that in the first quarter of 2021. Since then, again. above is growing steadily.

Based on size, they are micro business The farms that delayed the most of their payments over the agreed timeframe, 21.14 days, were nearly 5 more than the general average. The small one was 14.78 days late, 2.3 worse than the average. However, the delay is reduced to 11.04 days if large companies farms, which behaved 4.60 days better than average, such as currentlywhere it hit 12.50, almost a day below.

It timely payment in the first quarter of this year among their agricultural enterprises 42%, compared to the national average of 44%. With delays of up to 30 days, 47% of companies in this sector made their invoices effective and nearly 4% took more than 120 days, while the national average is less than 3%.

According to Nathalie Gianese, Director of Studies at INFORM D&B: “Delay in payments of agricultural enterprises has not stopped growing since the first quarter of 2021, with poorer performance among micro and small firms, which pay slower than average, while for large and medium-sized enterprises this delay is below.”

Madrid is the society in which agricultural enterprises achieved a higher delay, 28.68 days, followed by 26.63 days. Asturias and 26.29 of Estremadura. On the opposite side, and the delay is under 10 days, is the agricultural enterprise of Basque Countrywith 8.97, and Navarre, with 7.57, which took the least amount of time to make their invoices effective, a figure lower than the general average in this autonomy. The Agriculture Sector also pays with less delay than the average community in Canary Islands19.48 days, Murcia14,11, and Balearic14.70 days.

Portugal is the country with the highest late payments among agricultural companies

Spain is the only European country analyzed where the Agriculture sector pays above the national average. Though Portugal and enter Italy it was delayed more than in Spain, an average of 24.26 and 17.32 days.

under spanish, France13.25 days, Ireland12.13 days, great Britain9.07 days, Belgium8.19 days and Dutchwhich the agricultural company takes the least, 3.32 days.

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