The popularity of video games on Twitter is growing during 2021, why?

Content about video games He starred in a Twitter conversation in 2021, when 2.4 billion ‘tweets’ about ‘games’ were written globally, 14 percent more than the previous year.

Twitter shared the numbers for video game content posted on its platform in 2021, including game content creators, specialty media, streamers, eSports teams and players, as well as commentators and fans.

In 2021, there were more than 2.4 billion ‘tweets’ about ‘games’ globally, representing a 14 percent year-on-year increase in conversations and ten times higher volume than 2017.

In addition, the company has highlighted that the fourth quarter of 2021 is all record breaking and being the biggest period of conversation about the world of video games in history on Twitter.

Spanish speaking community growing

Data from 2021 shows that the Spanish-speaking gaming community has an increasing presence on Twitter, mainly thanks to content creators leading these conversations.

Both AuronPlay and Ibai Llanos have topped the rankings in conversations about video games in platforms around the world, such as the creators of the most talked about ‘game’, where they took first and second place respectively.

In addition, Ibai has also achieved first place in the ranking of ‘game’ creators who have the most followers (beyond American Dream and Mexican Ari Gameplays) and which has the highest number of video views (beating France’s Gotaga and American TimTheTatman and OpTic Scump).

In global data, the Latin American gaming community continues to gain strength on Twitter and Brazil is the country leading the conversation in the region. The country is one of the five most tweeted countries on this topic in the world and some of its creators and ‘eSports’ teams, such as Felipe Neto or paiN Gaming are at the top of several rankings.

Brazil is the only Ibero-American country to make the list of ‘most tweeted’ about video games, led by Japan. It is followed by the United States, South Korea and Thailand, while Europe appears on the list through the United Kingdom and France, at eighth and ninth respectively.

Video game conversations on Twitter in 2021 made Geshin Impact the most talked about video game, followed by Apex Legends, while Ensemble Stars! finish the podium.

Other titles in the top 10 most talked about games are Final Fantasy (fourth), Animal Crossing: New Horizons (sixth), Minecraft (eighth), and Fortnite (tenth).

About events ‘game’ Most commented, the first position is occupied by E3 2021 in Los Angeles, the most important annual exhibition in the sector, and the presentation made by Microsoft, Xbox Games Showcase, is in third.

Award for best video game of the year The Game Awards is the second most talked about event of the year, while Gamescom 2021, the event held in Cologne (Germany) that is considered the most important held in Europe, came in fourth.

Esports teams and leagues

As for the ‘eSports’ team, Brazilian team LOUD esports stands out, first on the most commented list and with the most followers gained during 2021, while FaZe Clan is the team with the most videos.

‘eSports’ leagues are also coming to Twitter conversations in 2021. The most talked about are: CBLOL, Call of Duty League (which also has the highest video views), Valorant Champions Tour, Overwatch League, and League of Legends Championship Series. For its part, the Fortnite Competitive Series was the league that got the most new followers that year.

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