The president of a technology company fired hundreds of workers during a Zoom communication

Enjoy CEO Ron Johnson firing hundreds of UK and Canadian workers in Zoom meeting

Ron Johnson, CEO of delivery and technical support company Enjoy and former Apple retail store pioneer, fired hundreds of Enjoy workers in Zoom meetings, according to a video of the meeting obtained by Motherboard, from Vice News.

Johnson seen in video explained to British and Canadian employees that they had all been laid off.

The grim picture marks the end of a week of uncertainty at the company, and comes after Motherboard reported that the company had told employees it was “hoping” to pay them the money they had.

Some of them told outlets that they get paid in the end but startup Enjoy is in its last moments.

According to Bloomberg Law, Thursday morning Enjoy has filed for bankruptcy and is exploring a sale.

In the video, Johnson says that after the consultation process “This has resulted in redundancy (redundancy) for all UK employees. I am sad to inform you that the Enjoy board is giving all UK employees a redundancy notice today. ”

Enjoy is an e-commerce platform.

“I understand that this is not the result we want. Over the last four years we have worked together to build a profitable business in the UK. But it becomes a challenge, as we all know, to get the economic unit right.”he added.

He then went on to refer to its operations in Canada where, according to Johnson, “hard work” had been done but “medium-term gains” were nowhere to be seen.

“Unfortunately we will also be closing our operations in Canada starting today. Like you, the Canadian team has worked hard to build a successful business, but we also don’t see a profitable path over the medium term in Canada.”CEO Enjoy said.

Regarding its operations in the United States, Johnson acknowledged that they are in talks with the Asurion company to reach a financial agreement that “provides the capital to continue operating while we restructure our business.”

Enjoy is half delivery, half technical support company. Johnson’s vision is to bring retail stores into consumers’ homes, where they can try different products and an expert can help them decide what to buy.

Enjoys a focus on telecommunications and electronics, partnering with phone companies, but also has ambitions to venture into other sectors such as fashion.


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