The properties of gelatin that you didn’t know about

We often associate jelly with desserts for kids or believe in the urban legend that gelatin makes you fat. Nothing is beyond reality. Gelatin comes in various variants and can provide us with many benefits.

What benefits does gelatin provide us?

Gelatin is a food preparation obtained from collagen which is found mainly in the tendons, bones, organs or cartilage of animals. And that’s where he lives its main benefit: collagen. Our body naturally reduces the production of collagen over the years, so thanks to the consumption of gelatin, the collagen that our body needs is replenished and that helps maintain strong bones and muscles, regenerates tissue and to stop skin aging. But, apart from that, it helps hair and nails grow stronger. Thanks to collagen, arthritis can also be prevented and the injury recovery process can be accelerated.

Other properties of gelatin are: high protein intake. It is estimated that more than 90% of its content is protein, therefore it is also ideal for dieting. Many times it is said that gelatin is fattening but the truth is that it helps in weight loss because it is filling and low in calories. Gelatin also supports the digestive process thanks to glycine and helps in brain processes, supports memory and concentration.

The origin of gelatin

Today we know about the properties of gelatin, but where did it come from? There is no specific data but about 8,000 years ago, homo sapiens cooked a kind of pasta with animal skins and bones which they used for painting and as glue. If we move to Ancient Egypt, it is believed that it was the first time something similar to gelatin as we know it today was used as food. In 1682 a Frenchman named Denis Papin invented the pressure cooker, which allowed bones to be boiled into gelatin sheets. In 1754, the first patent for processing gelatin was registered in England. Already in the 19th century, the benefits of gelatin began to be popularized and began to be marketed both at the pharmaceutical and food levels.

Today all this has evolved and has led us to the various uses that are given today. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy its benefits and introduce the consumption of gelatin into your eating habits.

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