The question and answer time was interrupted by the protesters

The question and answer time at Storting was interrupted by a demonstration at about a quarter past ten this morning.

There were two signs at the same time: one outside the Storting, and one inside the hall.

Storting told Dagbladet that the police were now outside Storting, while Storting’s security guards themselves handled the markings inside the hall. If the protesters don’t leave voluntarily, the police will deal with this removal from the gallery.

There were a total of five protesters inside the Storting hall. They must have attached themselves to the railing in the gallery in the hall. According to Storting, it will take at least half an hour to free the protesters.


The demonstrators had been granted access to the Storting on the pretext of being visitors, Dagbladet informed. They used the usual visitor entrance behind the Storting.

Operations manager at the police force, Sven Kristian Lie, told Dagbladet they were at the scene and had been in dialogue with the protesters. It is the land owner, Storting, who must ask for the protesters to be removed if the police are to do this.

– So far we have had a dialogue with the demonstrators to find out what they want. What happened next is a little too early to say, Lie said.

DISTURBED: Climate protests stop all the time Questions on Storting today. The “Extinction Rebellion” group told Dagbladet that they were behind it. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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Message for the parties

All the parliament representatives left the hall, and now resided in Vandrehallen as Dagbladet.

Dear Labor Party, Center Party, Christian People’s Party, Conservative Party and Progress Party. We have a message for you. We have a message for you, the protesters shouted.

– The UN’s latest climate report states that we have two to three years to turn things around and give ourselves a chance to achieve our climate goals, the group added.

Rebuked President Masud Gharahkhani several times and asked for calm in the hall. As the activists continued to deliver their message, the parliamentary representatives left the hall.

PROTEST: Activists linked to Extinction Rebellion in action in Storting today Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

PROTEST: Activists linked to Extinction Rebellion in action in Storting today Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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It’s behind

The protest group “Extinction Rebellion” told Dagbladet it was behind the demonstration.

They also stood outside the Storting and demonstrated.

– Isn’t it disgraceful that you interrupt Storting in the middle of Q&A?

– These are young people who are not being listened to and whose lives are in danger. They are defending their own lives by asking the parties to stop all further oil exploration, Vebjørn Bjelland Berg, a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion, told Dagbladet.

The celebrations take place on the same day that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) presents its latest report on the state of the global climate.

The report states that the oceans are at their warmest and rising rapidly, and that concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have never been higher.

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