The Royal Family celebrates the New Year with games, predictions and laughter

As will surely be the case in many homes around the world, new Year celebration will be different from previous years and for British royal family will not be an exception. Just as Queen Elizabeth II spent her traditional Christmas at Sandringham, the celebrations for 2022 will be affected again and she won’t be able to be with the person she used to be.

Absence prince philip In the life of the king of England, it must have greatly affected Elizabeth II of England and her entire family was unable to accompany her due to the reactivated health situation in her country. In past years, Royal Family New Year Celebration It used to be far from the city.

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Like Christmas, the dinner to celebrate the new year is celebrated by the nobles in the estate Sandringham and Norfolk, where Queen Elizabeth II stayed until early February to commemorate the anniversary of the death of her father, King George VI.

For their part, duke of Cambridge, William and Kate Middleton, and their three children often spend New Year’s Eve with the Middletons, who live in Berkshire, so the king of England spent the evening without his much-loved part of the family. Those who have been absent for two years too, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now living in the United States.

Although not sure how will queen elizabeth ii spend new year’s eve Today, several known practices and traditions that she and hers follow for a night of fun partying and really fun. Among the games, laughter, and good wishes shared between them, the royals had a very strange practice.

British Royalty New Year’s Game

The most popular, consists of members of the Royal Family who write a series of prophecies that the king of England must approve in order for them to participate in family dynamics. Her late husband had also participated in this selection before, Philip from Edinburgh. Royalties like to enjoy themselves as a family.

After the vision of the future is filtered, which should have the main characteristics of fun and entertaining, each member pedigree of Elizabeth II take an envelope with a prediction and read it aloud in front of the other guests. Royalty is known to have a pretty unique sense of humor and anything can be expected.

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The main purpose of this is that the Queen of England, the princes and other figures of the British royal family have fun together, although sometimes one may find family jokes too personal. Details of how and with whom Elizabeth II will spend the evening are pending.

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