The secret of Jordanian princess Sarvath al-Hassan, Jordan’s ‘enemy’ who is close to Queen Elizabeth II and Rania’s best ally

Sarvath al-Hassan studying in England, at Cambridge University, and his relationship with Queen Elizabeth II was forged during those years. Today she belongs to the king’s most intimate circle, along with Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Lady Celia Vestey or Angelly Kelly, her personal adviser on dress matters. In 1968, Sarvath married
Crown Prince of Jordan, Hassan bin Talal, brother of the late King Hussein, who appointed him as his successor in 1965. The wedding ceremony was held in Karachi.
They have been blessed with four children, three girls and one boy.

Princess Sarvath ha
held some of the highest positions in Jordanian courts, along with her husband. She has worked on issues related to education, the situation of women, social welfare and health. In 1999, just before his death, King Hussein appointed his son, the current King Abdullah, as his successor, over his brother Hassan. Since a long time ago,
Hassan and Sarvath continue in a prominent positionAlthough no longer in the line of succession and although they have been seen regularly on representative missions in Europe, in ceremonies at other royal houses, there are rumors that Hassan, annoyed, is plotting against his nephew. Something similar to what happened in early 2012 with his half-brother, Noor’s son from Jordan, Hamzah, to whom Abdullah withdrew his successor status in favor of his eldest son.

Despite the rumors, Princess Sarvath and her husband continue to represent the journey of the royal household. They are among the guests of the ceremony
the coronation of Guillermo and Máxima in the Netherlands, along with Queen Noor, Princess Muna and members of the royal families of Morocco, Qatar, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Japan and Germany. Jordanian couple too
attended the wedding of Guillermo and Estefanía from Luxembourg and Victoria from Sweden. Hassan maintains a loyal and deeply familial relationship with his nephew King Abdullah II. And he was a much loved and respected figure in the kingdom. Abdullah and Queen Rania attend the wedding of Hassan and Servath’s children.

Queen Elizabeth’s friendship with Sarvath is gone
consolidation over time. He and the Duke of Edinburgh became close friends. They shared a train in Ascot and spent the weekend at Wimbledon, where Prince Hassan has a home. They had dinner and spent the night at the mansion before continuing on to Windsor. Queens and princesses have a big involvement.

Princess Sarvath was born in Calcutta on July 24, 1947, three weeks before Indian Independence. his father,
Mohammad IkramullahHe was a senior government official and emigrated to Pakistan where he became Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He is also ambassador to Canada, France, Portugal and the UK. For her part, Princess Sarvath’s mother,
Shaista Suhrawady Ikramullah, hails from Bengali and was one of the first two female members of the Pakistani Parliament. He was an ambassador to Morocco and a delegate to the United Nations on many occasions. This led to Sarvath receiving most of his education in England and graduating from Cambridge. Hassan and Sarvath’s love story is for many
a fairy tale. They first met in London when they were 11 years old and married in Karachi 10 years later, on 28 August 1968. Sarvath received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath in 2015 for his contributions to educational causes.

Sarvath El Hassan and Queen Elizabeth have
often photographed at polo matches, at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, with one of the king’s sons. The Prince of Jordan was also among the wedding guests of Alexandra Knatchbull, daughter of Lord and Lady Brabourne and great-grandson of the late Lord Mountbatten, and businessman Thomas Hooper. The Knatchbull family is one of the closest to the British royal family. Another guest at the wedding was Queen Sofia.

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