The UK has visa requirements for citizens of Salvador

Starting this Wednesday, May 11, all Salvadorans who need to travel to the UK will need a visa to do so, even if it is for tourist reasons, the British embassy in El Salvador reported.

Through a series of tweets, the embassy assured that new visa requirements have been introduced for Salvadoran citizens, which must be completed online prior to travel.

According to the British government, the decision was in response to an increase in Salvadorans seeking asylum after arriving in the European country.

El Salvadorans now need a visa to visit the UK. (…) The decision to introduce a visa regime was made due to the continuous and significant increase over the last 5 years in the number of Salvadorans who do not intend to make a short stay, but rather apply for asylum for their arrival in the UK.

British Embassy in El Salvador.

Prior to 2017, the embassy reported, the UK received fewer than 40 asylum applications from Salvador each year. In 2021, the figure will be 703, an increase of 1.657% in just four years.

Salvadoran visitors already in the UK will not be affected by the new requirements, the embassy said in a statement. However, when they leave the UK, they will need a visa to re-enter.

Until recently, Salvadorans had been required to obtain a visa to stay in the UK, either to work or study. Now, however, they have to process visas even for short stays.

Under UK government arrangements, applicants for student visas or other visas will now have the option of using the new visa application center in El Salvador, rather than having to travel to another country as they have done until now. .

A standard visa is valid for up to six months, whether for tourism, business or study. Salvador can apply for a longer stay under certain circumstances, such as medical treatment.

The embassy clarified that they would not have the power to issue visas, accept applications or provide assistance with individual needs or applications. Those who need advice or assistance should check the site for any guidance.

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