The UK replaces the US as the country with the most investments in Tamaulipas

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Company came from great Britain from britain they apply investment record in Tamaulipas in more than two decades and don’t sit United States of America as the country with the highest capital applied in the state During first quarter 2022plus contribution from different countries in various productive activities.

It Federal Ministry of Economy stated that between January and March this yearsince English, Wales, Scotland and Ireland they have arrived $218.1 million. Only in this period together with intermediate amount 2017 you 2021 by company come from european island.

Besides that, British company who decided to execute their plan in this phase of the year accounts for 31 percent of foreign direct investment to entities in northeastern Mexico from 1999 to the present, accumulating in 684.8 million dollarsobviously a federal agent.

According to Economic data, for Tamaulipas the UK is one of the three states in Mexico with the highest foreign direct investmentright behind mexico city you Jaliscothis is for the last quarter of last year, registering 108 million dollars.

remaining countries

So, he went in second place United States of America, historically the first country with currency at the factory because of its proximity. This contribution was made in $177.8 millionwhen Spanish conclude in $137.7 million. The two also increase revenue for the Tamaulipas area through private companies.

One thing to note is group of countries with the amount of 230.1 million dollarswhich represents unprecedented number and almost a match in just three months for a 2021 total.

Otherwise, company German, Korea, Canada, Italy, France you Japan they reduce or suspend their plans in the state at the beginning of the year.

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