“The world is saying how worried it is instead of taking real support measures”: Ukrainian citizen

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brendacamarillo.asesora@larepublica.net | Friday 25 February 2022 17:27

Inform yourself with official sources and press the authorities to take action on the matter, is a request made by Vladyslav Stadnyk, a Ukrainian graduate from UWC Costa Rica, in the face of the conflict his country is currently experiencing with Ruisa.

He also pointed out that this is a time for action by the United States and other powers that agreed to provide cover to Ukraine, when it gave up nuclear facilities in the 1990s.

What is the situation now in Ukraine?

The situation was absolutely dire, we were bombed.

All major Ukrainian cities were bombed by the Russian army, they targeted not only military bases, but also residential buildings, residential houses.

Today, unfortunately, a kindergarten was attacked and this is happening all over the country.

What are the indications from the Government?

The main call is a call for arms, all Ukrainians are ready to defend their country, defend their land.

This is our home, we have nothing else and we have nowhere to go.

The government of course tells everyone that, first of all, citizens who can’t take up arms to find a safe place and go to shelters whenever they hear about exercises, so that everyone takes up arms and fights for their land. .

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What do you think about the world’s response to this?

It’s a joke, it’s awesome.

We are facing one of the craziest dictators in Earth’s history and the world is telling us how much they are concerned, instead of taking real action and supporting a country that has never attacked anyone in its existence.

All the allies are doing nothing and I just want to remind you that in 1994 Ukraine voluntarily gave up one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, on the condition that the US and Britain would protect us when the time came, yes it is. come day.

Where is the protection? There is not any. The least the United States and NATO can do right now is protect our skies and we’ll take care of the rest.

What restrictions have they put in place?

Thank God most of the important things are working as they should, our government is doing a great job, there is also the Internet to communicate, there are connections, trains run to help people get closer to their relatives.

Most of the main facilities and major communications are functioning as they should.

At the same time after 10 pm every day nothing is allowed on the street and before 7 am the same, but other than that everything works, more or less, as it should.

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What about restrictions on leaving the country?

Only children, women and people over 60 years old are allowed out.

What message will you send around the world?

Costa Rica has a very special place in my heart, I spent two wonderful years there, it is a beautiful country and I know how passionate, loving and caring the Costa Rican people are.

My appeal for help first of all please don’t read fake news propaganda, read official Ukrainian government sources if you want to know what’s going on.

And what they can do is pressure their government, the government of another country, go to the embassy, ​​go to the consulate in their country or in Costa Rica, to send real support to Ukraine at this time.

This is a struggle not only for a country, this is a struggle for the values ​​of a just world, this is a struggle for real freedom.

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