The world’s largest spider found in England for the first time

Hunting spiders or giant crabs are not lethal to humans but their bites can cause heart palpitations, nausea and other unpleasant effects.

The world’s largest spider, called the “hunter” or “giant crab”, is capable of reaching a width of 30 centimeters and causing the heart to pound violently in the hearts of unlucky humans who cross it, found in England, in horror stories for arachnophobia.

Large hunting specimen found in Hull (England) after boarding a container from China.

The spider traveled more than 8,000 kilometers miles from China before being seen by terrified dockworkers.

After making the sighting, staff took him into custody and called the Royal Society for the Protection Against Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Brave officials safely captured the giant arachnid after a month-long trip around the world.

Even though the spider was unusually large, not lethal to humans. However, Their bites can cause a variety of serious health problems, including palpitations, vomiting, and headaches.

A spokeswoman for the animal welfare charity said their brave officer, Inspector Boyd, was deployed to rescue the stowaway spider.

“The spider loves holidays, so it climbs into a shipping container in China and ends up in Hull.”he was joking.

“He scared the staff. He is now resting and resting at the special rescue center”.

Terrifyingly, this isn’t the first time the species has come to the UK.

The spider was found in a container from China.
The spider was found in a container from China.

Two years ago, workers at a warehouse in Southwold, Suffolk discovered a giant crab spider in a shipment.

They restrained themselves and took the container for the spiders before calling the RSPCA.

At that point, Inspector Jason Finch said: “Giant crab spiders can grow to a foot length of 12 inches (30 centimeters), so they’re quite diverse.”.

“This spider is on the smaller side and is only about 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters) from foot to foot.” continuous.

“Obviously he’s been in the container for some time, with no access to food or water, but he’s still active and seems fine.” he added.

In worse news, Inspector Finch said finding exotic spiders, insects or reptiles in shipping containers “happens quite frequently.”

“These creatures are often picked up by accident and end up locked in containers or boxes,” said.

“Hunter spiders are poisonous, but they are harmless to humans, although they can bite badly, so we always advise them to be careful”the official explained.

Instead of building webs, the hunting spider gets its name by tracking and killing its prey.

They come from parts of Australia, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean basin, and America.

Various species of hunters use somersaults to get around.

Since they are not native to the UK, releasing these spiders into the wild or allowing them to escape is an offense under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


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