the world’s largest technology event incorporating NFT Gaming

From March 31 to April 2, Uruguay will receive Campus Partyscience, technology, and NFT themed events sponsored by major organizations such as Binance and Movistar.

Event organization, responsible for blockchain consultants «Cryptocity«, focusing its efforts on holding large gatherings that serve as a liaison between various actors in the technology field, from companies, communities, the public sector to universities.

The Punta del Este Convention Center, Uruguay, will be this Thursday, March 31, this event space which has the support of the Municipality of Maldonado, a municipality belonging to the peninsula region of the South American nation.

Who will participate in the Campus Party in Punta del Este?

Costa Rica and Deputy Director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division, Sandra Cauffmanwill be one of the most important figures who will be present at the meeting to contribute his vision of technological development.

In this edition of Campus Party, the recently included “NFT Gaming” theme will become one of the central points in the midst of the global turmoil.

for presentations and segment development dedicated to NFT Gamingdon’t miss the opportunity to invite famous actors, just like Jeff Zirlin, better known as “Jihoz”, co-founder of Axie Infinitythe world’s most referenced crypto game, along with youtuber, businessman and crypto influencer Manuel Terrones Godoy, also known as KManus88.

Axie Lima, one of the main promoters of Axie Infinity, will also participate in this Campus Party in the «Gaming Play-to-Earn or Play-to-Learn? What role did the Guild play?

Cesar Vidal Scasso, president of the Argentine Electronic and Electromechanical Sports Association (ADEEMA), will present the association’s initiatives to support NFT Gaming and eSports. Vidal Scasso insists that «monetizing hours of play is what’s missing to eSports, but still needs a lot of development.

Yeferson Pérez, editor and coordinator of will be at the event on behalf of this digital media, thank you for the invitation ADEMA and Cryptocity.

NFT segment development at the event

Friday March 1st will be the day the founders of games like Vulcano will welcome NFT Gaming for the first time in the event’s history. Jeremias Walsh and Mauricio Novelli, along with Cesar Vidal Scasso, will be in charge.

On Saturday April 2nd the main panel on NFT Gaming and the metaverse will begin with the presentation of Sergio Morales (Cryptocity director) and Lucca Vila, creators of DCHESS, the first virtual and tokenized chess game to earn cryptocurrency. They will also be accompanied by CEO of Cryptomines Reborn, Manuel Torres, who produced the first edition of the game, which became an important phenomenon at the start of the Play to Earn crypto game ecosystem.

For the closing of this Campus Party panel, the standard bearer was none other than «Jihoz», by Axie Infinity and KManus88.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Campus Party

About Campus Party

Campus Party, with more than 80 editions in different countries such as Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Singapore and Uruguay, and more than 3 million participants, have been fortunate to have the support of NGOs, companies, universities and media for years. It can be classified as the world’s largest innovation, science and technology event.

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