These 100 have the biggest revenue in 2020

Trond Mohn had the largest taxable income in Norway last year with NOK 303.2 million. The closest were real estate billionaire Ivar Tollefsen with NOK 289.6 million and investor ystein Stray Sptalen with NOK 258.7 million.

Salmon heir Gustav Magnar Witzøe, Norway’s largest taxpayer, had the fourth largest taxable income in 2020 with NOK 211.6 million. Pappa Gustav can be found in 22nd place, with tax revenues of NOK 86.5 million.

Another heir, Frederik Wilhelm Mohn, comes in at 40th with taxable income of NOK 61.6 million. We actually found his wife Ekaterina 9th with NOK 158.9 million.

ystein Moan, who has made a fortune at software company Visma, took 5th place ahead of the Reitan brothers in 7th and 8th place with 162.8 and 166.5 million kroner, respectively. Pappa Odd dropped to 19th with NOK 98.2 million in taxable income.

RCCL heir Margaret Boel Garmann finished last in the top 10 with taxable income of NOK 154.9 million.

Another real estate billionaire, and Norway’s 13th richest person according to Kapital, is in 15th place. Edgar Haugen had taxable income of NOK 112.3 million last year.

Places ahead of Odd Reitan, we see Kahoot boss Eilert Hanoa with NOK 101.5 million in tax revenue, while Stein Erik Hagen and investor Jens Rugseth are both in the top 30 with revenues of NOK 72.6 and 70.0 million, respectively.

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