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European cities with the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide as well as PM10 particles are known.

Air pollution levels have increased in European cities, and now clean technology companies Airlywhich uses sensors and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to study the elements nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and PM10 particles, have published a report in which they talk about the cities with the highest air pollution, they report from Dailymail.

And we have very bad news for climate change, because on the one hand the company has found that the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in Newcastle in the UK is 44.6 micrograms per cubic meter of airwhich is 179% of the limit recommended by the World Health Organization in a 24-hour period.

Cities such as Naples and Paris also have high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, with the 170% and 165% limits recommended by WHO, respectively. Other cities such as London and Manchester have also reached the Top 20 cities with the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the air.

Long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide can contribute to the development of asthma and increase susceptibility to respiratory disease.

NO2 . classification

  • 1. Newcastle – 44.6 g/m3
  • 2. Napoli – 42.4 (170%)
  • 3. Paris – 41.2 (165%)
  • 4. Antwerp – 35.9 (144%)
  • 5. Dortmund – 35.6 (142%)
  • 6. Zurich – 34.9 (140%)
  • 7. Stuttgart – 34.1 (137%)
  • 8. Munich – 33.5 (134%)
  • 9. Frankfurt am Main – 32.6 (130%)
  • 10. Hamburg – 32.0 (128%)

For the highest concentration of PM10, happened in both Malaga and Seville, both above the daily safe level. PM10 is called solid or liquid particles of dust, ash, metal particles or pollen scattered in the atmosphere.

Long-term exposure to PM10 can lead to decreased lung function, development of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and higher rates of progression of various diseases.

PM10 classification

  • 1. Malaga 56.1 g/m3
  • 2. Seville 46.5 (103%)
  • 3. Belgrade 40.9 (91%)
  • 4. Katowice 40.5 (90%)
  • 5. Antwerp 38.3 (85%)
  • 6. Stockholm 37.2 (83%)
  • 7. Krakow 36.8 (82%)
  • 8. Stuttgart 35.4 (79%)
  • 9. Oslo 35.1 (78%)
  • 10. Wroclaw 34.7 (77%)

The increase in air pollution has been affected by dust storms from the Sahara desert that have crossed Europe in recent months.

This study confirms others who suggest nearly the entire world population (99%) breathes air that exceeds WHO air quality limits and threatens their health.“, show Marcin GnatAirly spokesman.

He added that “the number of countries and cities where air quality is continuously monitored is increasing, the information is still missing in a large number of vulnerable sites“.

For that they continued that “By knowing the exact pollution situation in their environment, local governments and communities can take appropriate actions to improve air quality and then monitor the effectiveness of the actions taken.“.

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