They are taking steps to professionalize women’s football

In an effort to professionalize women’s football, the first national meeting decided that there will be changes in the laws and regulations of the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) to provide greater participation to women soccer players in decision-making and will make changes to the Act. Nacional del Deportes N 804 to obtain economic investment.

The starting point was “to make changes in the FBF laws, by including women’s football in decision-making. In the Sports Law, make tax amendments for the private sector investing in sports,” said Cielo Veizaga, Deputy Minister of Sports.

“We are working with different actors, with our Development Unit, to present the project with the entire leadership. We need to promote women’s football until it becomes professional,” said FBF president Fernando Costa.

Also included in the conclusion: presentation of the FBF program, in coordination with the Deputy Ministry of Sports; organize training courses for coaches, physical trainers, referees and leaders; The Deputy Ministry will manage deals with entities involved in women’s football such as the FBF and the Government; Through the Prodecom program, it will be supported by the use of sports infrastructure, clothing and tickets to ensure participation in competitions.

The action was attended by the chairman of the FBF, Fernando Costa; FBF women’s football director, Danitza Soliz; leaders of women’s soccer associations, representatives of referees, coaches and the Bolivian Footballers’ Movement (MFB 2020).

international tournament venue

Costa reports that the FBF’s request to Conmebol for one of the country’s cities to host international tournaments, both for women and men, continues. The leader added that: “We are confident that we will achieve this goal and Bolivia will become an excellent arena for South American football.”

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