They asked before Deputy impeachment against Claudia Pavlovich

For the diversion of resources, embezzlement and improper exercise of functions and powers, the National Action Party (PAN), through the national and Sonoran leaders, Marko Cortés Mendoza and Gildardo Real respectively, formally requested before the Chamber of Deputies to impeach PRI Claudia . Pavlovich, former governor of Sonora.

“If Claudia Pavlovich commits a diversion of public resources and abuse of her power, she must be held accountable for that and what we are presenting here today is a request for impeachment and we hope that the majority of Morenoists do not protect her and do not fall into the presidential coat of arms of all his close people or allies as a gift for the support that Claudia Pavlovich certainly gave to the Morena party and to the current governor of the state of Sonora,” said Cortés Mendoza.

Real explained that, according to the petition filed, as governors, PRI members violated the Financial Discipline Act and the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget and the Public Expenditure Act by using nearly 8,000 million pesos, of which only more than 7,000 thousand million pesos came from federal, between shares and transfers.

In addition, he reported on a presentation “eight to nine days ago in Sonora” on a complaint at the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office against the woman for crimes specified in the local Criminal Code.

If it is proven that Pavlovich diverted resources and improperly exercised his powers as governor, he said, a maximum sentence of 16 years in prison would be applied and he would be disqualified for 50 years; this latter sanction is known as “civil death” and implies that during this period civil servants will not be able to hold any position in government or provide services.

They requested the formation of a subcommittee

On that occasion Cortés Mendoza requested that the lower house Political Coordination Body (JCP) and the plenary session approve the establishment of a Preliminary Examination subcommittee, the body tasked with easing the burden of impeachment charges.

He recalled that because the legislative working group was not yet integrated, it was not possible to process the impeachment request, which was also filed by PAN, against the former governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla.

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