– They have taken other people’s money

A former chairman of the board, as well as a treasurer at a cricket club in Oslo must appear in Oslo District Court within two weeks, accused of defrauding 256,260 kroner.

MAY PROCEDURE: Two former cricket leaders from Oslo must appear at the Oslo District Court on 10 and 11 May.

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According to the indictment, this must have happened when the number of club members swelled, so that the club would receive three times as much financial support from the public sector.

– It’s about direct member cheating, and then you steal from the community. They take other people’s money. It challenges the sport’s ability to become a trust-based organization. Our credibility as partners with the public sector requires us not to turn a blind eye when we suspect something is wrong, Oslo Sports District Secretary General Magne Brekke told VG.

In 2015, the cricket club registered 72 members with the Oslo Sports District, and received nearly NOK 40,000 in public support based on this number of members.

The following year, the number of members made a real difference: Suddenly there were 225 members in the club, and public support rose to over 130,000 kroner. The reason for this from the club is because they started a children’s and youth team.

But Oslo’s sports district has never been able to track the activities of the kids at the clubs. The club was later expelled from Norwegian sport.

– I am not aware that cases related to membership fraud in Norwegian sports have been brought before the courts. For us, this is a very common precaution. “When we find out about cheating, you could end up in jail,” said Magne Brekke.

The two sports leaders have been charged under the penal code section of grand fraud. According to the Oslo sports district, roughly half of the amount they are said to have received, a total of NOK 256,260.

The district is now demanding NOK 131,260, as well as to cover legal fees of NOK 98,700. The defendants also risk unconditional imprisonment if the court finds them guilty.

The man who was treasurer at the cricket club admits no criminal wrongdoing, attorney Kirsten B. Sigmond at the firm Sigmond & Ysen told VG. Neither did the former chairman of the board.

– He has misunderstood the rules and the guilty charge has not been met. Magne Brekke’s statement at his own expense. The money was instead used exclusively to run the club’s Cricket team of players for the benefit of the club, said Solveig’s attorney Charlotte Andersen at law firm Elden.

CLIENTS REFUSED DEBT: Here’s what Solveig Charlotte Andersen’s attorney at law firm Elden has to say.

Police real henla review from Oslo’s sports district due to lack of capacity.

The sports district appealed the decision to the public prosecutor, and it was upheld. Therefore, the police must carry out an investigation which now leads to an indictment.

circuit react hard On the initial decision of the police, because the case according to Magne Brekke is in principle very important for Norwegian sport.

– We got a tip and guessed the owl in the moss. But it demands to go from being suspicious to being able to document the reporting of too many children. Among other things, we have to use external force for investigations, said Magne Brekke in Oslo’s sports district.

The case will be heard in the Oslo District Court on May 10 and 11.

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