They launch the first ‘map’ to find inclusive and ‘green’ bars, restaurants and hotels

In order to International Responsible Consumption Day, commemorated this Tuesday, Coctelera Consciente presents the world’s first Map geolocated all bars, cafes, breweries, distilleries, hotels and restaurants who implements initiatives that are sustainable, inclusive and healthy in day-to-day operations.

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The Conscious Shaker Map is their latest initiative, the first world map where you can easily find, online, and release companies that are already implementing conscious initiatives. Starting today, bars, cafes and restaurants can register 100% free by completing their initiatives in a form. They can choose from a single initiative to all options in the eight available categories:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. environmental impact,
  3. inclusion and diversity
  4. Inclusive Menu
  5. Responsible Supplier
  6. social responsibility
  7. Health and safety
  8. Professional development

“Hey epeople are increasingly choosing to consume consciously and responsibly support brands and projects that align with its values. Many bars, cafes and restaurants are already implementing these and other important initiatives but generally with very little visibility.” Lucas Groglio, founder and director of Coctelera Consciente.

How to use the map

On Mappa, users You can search by location, keyword, type of establishment or product, conscious categories and/or initiatives, finding conscious and inclusive places and products near them.

The map is online and free

For example, they might look for a solar or wind powered cafe near their home, a restaurant that serves non-alcoholic beer for lunch near the office, or a bar that has farm-to-table menus to share after work. a friend. vegetarian.

In the same way, they can also choose those places by wheelchair accessibility, but braille, respect for the LGTBQ+ communitystaff trained in gender and intersectionality, free parking for bicycles, among others.

At the same time, they will be able to support businesses that are buy from fair trade producers, cooperatives, foundations and/or organic productsmass or zero kilometers.

We believe that cocktail shakers and gastronomy are innovative and close vehicles for becoming agents of change and, together with brands, bars and consumers, achieving real and measurable change in society and the planet, said Groglio.

What is Conscious Shaker?

Coctelera Consciente is the first non-profit cocktail project to seek to incorporate sustainability, healthy habits and responsible consumption into people’s DNA through bars, drinks and cocktails.

team from Conscious Shaker I have visited more than 40 cities visit the best bars, restaurants and festivals in the world, holding free seminars and workshops on sustainability, inclusive cocktails, healthy habits and responsible consumption.

Since 2017 they have been awarded annually with various awards and recognitions in Argentina, Germany, Spain, USA and UK.

Starting today, all bars, cafes and restaurants who wish to register can do so 100% online and free at

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