They met on LinkedIn and created Tuvis, a disruptive startup

Deborah Palacios Wanzo he is brazilian and yanir kalisar he is israel They never met in person, but they met on LinkedIn and decided to set up you havea company that drives sales for more than 100 clients worldwide.

Tuvis is a sales enablement platform that connects messaging services as a sales channel as it is popular What is it with world-leading CRMs, such as Salesperson.

Through this integration, sellers have access to various CRM solutions and, with this, the possibility of achieving better connections with customers, accessing their conversation history and understanding their relationship with the company in order to offer them a better experience, and thereby increase sales.

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The company was co-founded by Deborah Palacios Wanzo and Yanir Calisar.

Deborah He has more than 10 years of experience in multinational companies such as 3M and Mary Kay, as well as in industries such as technology, consumer, cosmetics and sales. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in all areas of business strategy, project consulting and advice. Deborah also has expertise in marketing, development management and digital transformation strategy.

Graduated in Business Administration (with an Entrepreneurial Student of the Class award), he holds an MBA from IE Business School, one of the world’s leading business schools, based in Spain. The master’s focus is on entrepreneurship, a topic which led him to undertake a special project for Salesforce in the UK.

Deborah has been responsible for managing cross-functional and multicultural teams in Latin America, due to her fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In her spare time, she volunteers in social projects, as well as an advisor for the IE Alumni Brazil Club and cosmetic retailer.

yanir kalisar, meanwhile, is the CEO of Tuvis. He has more than twelve years of business experience and extensive experience in the management and development of B2B SaaS Solutions.

In 2009, Yanir became the first employee of an Israeli start-up called Insightera, which was acquired by Marketo in 2013. He had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading companies and strengthen their marketing teams by implementing insightful solutions. succeed.

Following the acquisition of Marketo (2016), he founded Calisar Solutions LTD, a marketing solutions company that aims to solve the technology problems of marketing teams by creating end-to-end tools that help them automate their marketing and business operations.

Yanir has a BA in Technology Marketing Management (Magna Cum Laude) and an MBA from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya, Israel), specializing in Big-Data & Predictive AI.

In his spare time, he is a guest reader in various academic institutions, the entrepreneurial community, and leads the community of The CMO Confessions (a leading Israeli marketing user group with more than 2,000 active members).

Yanir developed the solution and published it in late 2019. Deborah met him online while looking for a partner to lead the expansion in Latin America. A few months later, they became co-founders. But they met face to face two years later, when Yanir went to Brazil.


Tuvis received an initial investment of $11 million by the end of 2021. The investment was carried out by Zeev Ventures, and involved Base Partners, among others.

Barriers to entry

Deborah and Yanir started the project with a distance of 10,500 km between them and without knowing each other personally. As they expand their business, hiring teams on a remote working basis (including hiring leaders) also increases.

Remote work isn’t a challenge, it’s part of Tuvis’ DNA and the company is turning it into a profit. Tuvis learns to work with different time zones in a positive way, optimizing its production. Geography is not a barrier to recruiting real talent.

Another challenge for any growing startup is mapping and monitoring internal processes. Since it is no longer done directly, it is necessary to create mechanisms to ensure that corporate culture, based on ownership, excellence, intrapreneurship, and innovation, is replicated, such as agile project management processes and productivity tools.


The next step is to reach 100 employees by 2022 and expand its services, becoming a global benchmark in the digital business world.

Message the end of Deborah and Yanir for entrepreneurs

We tell professionals to always seek excellence and work with passion, wherever they are. At Tuvis we value true talent, but also people who have a spark in their eyes, a true passion for a cause.

To managers and companies, we ask them to believe in the potential of their teams and empower their professionals so that they always have the perception of being leaders in their fields, taking responsibility and producing with autonomy.

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