They recognize the Cuitláhuac and Bahía Parks in Sinaloa for conservation

Two Mexican environmental conservation projects are winners at 2022 Green Awards -which is done in Miami Florida–, in the category of biodiversity, in recognition of its efforts to restore environmental balance, ensure sustainability and maintain harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

This is about Cuitlahuac Ecological Park, in Iztapalapa Town Hall from Mexico City, who won in the forest subcategory; and recovery Santa Maria La Reforma Teluk Bayin Sinaloawhich is recognized in the ocean subcategory.

In this ninth edition Green Awardrecognition is given in the forest subcategory for Cuitlahuac . Ecological Parkpublic-private partnership between entrepreneurs from Iztapalapa and the government of Mexico City, recognized for the creation of hydro-ecological parks with ecosystem regenerative capacity and dignity of public spaces with first-class infrastructure, which contribute to improving the quality of life of residents Iztapalapa.

In case of recovery Santa Maria La Reforma Bay, in Sinaloathe jury decided to award in the oceans subcategory, the efforts of an organization called Sociedad en Acción de Sinaloa AC (Sucede), which for seven years has been dedicated to education in waste management, awareness and information for children, as well as the training of teachers and members of fishing cooperatives, to restore the marine ecosystem in the area.

To reach the list of winners, a jury consisting of specialists from international institutions, including the United Nations, evaluated a total of 2,522 proposals from Europe and America, in the categories of biodiversity, economy, technology, energy, cities, scalability, public. policy, waste, communications and human development, in addition to the Illary, Impeller, Fan Fey and special UNDP Awards.

In addition to the awards for the two Mexican projects, the 2022 Green Awards provide 23 other awards for projects from countries such as Spain, United States, Peru, Chile, Colombia you Argentinato name a few.

At the same time, as part of the gift-giving celebration, it was held at Miami Floridaa series of four-day conferences with international speakers, including environment ministers from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay, Costa Rica, United Kingdom and Deputy Ministers of the Dominican Republic.


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