they will punish the owners of Chelsea and Manchester United will make a deal with the sponsors.

The war between Russia and Ukraine had its first effects on European football in England (REUTERS/David Klein)

This Thursday, following Vladimir Putin’s brief announcement, Russian troops launched a major offensive against Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has declared martial law and claimed that Russia had attacked the country’s military infrastructure. He urged Ukrainians to stay at home without panicking. War conflicts are all over the process And impacts began to occur in different parts of the ancient continent.

Football, the sport that moves millions of people, was one of the first to be announced. Despite widespread resistance, not only in Europe, but around the world. Clubs and government officials begin to make decisions in response to the war in Russia. The first step involves England’s two most important teams.

On one side, Mann UDT Cancel one million contracts with Russian companies; On the other hand, members of the British government happily blocked Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner, and someone close to Putin has entered the country again. It should be noted that UEFA is almost closing in the next few hours Change venue for Champions League final The season is scheduled for May 28 at St. Petersburg, Russia. There will be a meeting to decide on the new stadium this Friday.

Manchester United broke millionaire deal

Trade agreement between Manchester United and Aeroflot

According to British media reports, red Devil Decided to terminate the relevant consent agreement 40 million pounds (Over $53 million) with Russian Airlines Aeroflot, After the invasion of troops sent by Putin to Ukrainian soil. The Moscow company, which is very important in its home country and has flown to 146 destinations in 52 countries, has been in a partnership with United since 2013, and regularly updated it in 2017 for the number.

Richard Arnold, the club’s CEO, has no plans to renew his contract, which expires next April. In fact, the team led by Ralf Rangnick flew to Spain to face Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League last 16 on an alternative flight.

In Manchester, they quickly realized the damage to the company’s image that could be affected if they contacted the company. Aeroflot, They put out about 100 100 million (more than 133 million dollars) for a 9 year agreement. If the US government imposed sanctions on the Russian company, it would be to the detriment of American Mankunian owner Glaser. For these hours, they reveal, Manchester United are already looking for an alternative plane to fly and appear to be Qatar’s top target.

Veto that Roman Abramovich will suffer in England

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich with Russian President Vladimir Putin (photo by Michael Svetlov / Getty Images)

Pot appeared through British newspapers Daily mailPromised to be a Russian businessman with close relations Vladimir PutinResponsible for corruption and political influence in the country of origin.

Member of Parliament from the Labor Party Chris Bryant He used parliamentary privileges to share leaked documents for the Home Office for 2019 with the House of Commons – and questioned why no action was taken against Chelsea’s owners following the warning. “Abramovich continues to be interested HMG (Your Excellency the Government, referring to the British Government) Due to contacts with the Russian Government and its PR with corrupt practices and practices. Abramovich admitted in court that he paid for political influence. Because of that, HMG Focus on ensuring that those involved in illicit finance and ill-treatment cannot establish themselves in the UK and use the relevant tools at their disposal, including immigration authorities, to prevent this.Bryant’s.

The man from parliament insisted that nothing was done despite the fact that it appeared three years ago, and asked if Abramovich would continue to be the new world champion in England. “Shouldn’t we consider confiscation of some of his belongings, including his 152m house? Could it be that we don’t protect and secure him?”Is the question rhetorical.

Abramovich has reportedly not lived at his home in southwest London, near Stamford Bridge, for several months. It should be noted that he withdrew his application for a tier 1 British investor visa in 2018 after a delay in the application of criticism of the Russian oligarchs after the poisoning of former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skribal and his daughter. , Salisbury. Immigration officials say Mr Abramovich is not recommended to have A mansion £125 million Settled in England, near Kensington Palace.

Mark SpencerThe leader of the House of Commons, added in a statement to Bryant: The Secretary of the Interior will be in this mailbox next Monday for questions from the Secretary of the Interior, and I hope he can challenge me directly.

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