This is Ingrid Alexandra’s boyfriend from Norway

It Princess Ingrid Alexandra He came from the age of last January. However, he would have to wait until June to be able to hold a proper celebration with assistance from most of the Royal Houses. Among the guests, yes, there was one very special one that was not noticed by the Norwegian media at the time… but not for everyone. As the magazine now published See og horthere was a young guest on the heir to the throne’s birthday who would become his running mate, which implies that the relationship is quite consolidated.

The media, who carried the news on the front page, ensured that they were completely calm and that the Princess was happy not only to be able to celebrate her birthday in Oslo Royal Palace after having to postpone it because of the pandemic or because it was the first time wearing a tiara, but because the presence of this young man was so special to him. See og hor even reveal that courtship is present both for their parents and for their grandparents, who met him shortly after they started dating and who immediately agreed to him because of his good looks, education and lineage.

In fact, at dinner in the great hall of the castle that night, with 199 more people, sitting near king Harald and Sonia, while Ingrid Alexandra watched the scene from a safe distance as they ate a Norwegian carrot, halibut and strawberry tartare.

The confirmation of the news shocked the kingdom of Norway, because in January, as she grew older, the Princess gave a series of interviews in which, in addition to a tour of her life, reporter asks if he has someone special. He, at that time, chose not to make any statement about it, because he considered that it was a part of him personal scope. The same response has now been given by the official communications service of the Royal House of Norway when it is unknown whether the courtship has officially been made public.

Little else is known about him, apart from his name. Magnus Heien Haugstad, who is 22 years old and currently completing his studies at Lancaster University School of Management in England, which put them in a long distance relationship. Son of a famous lawyer Hans Haugstad, he moved there to pursue a university degree he hoped to complete in two years. However, this was not his first foray into the university field, as he previously studied intensive courses at Oxford St. Clare. Who knows we will face the next King of Norway.

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