This is the liter consumed last year

That Gazpacho packaging likes, and many, both nationally and internationally. That consumption This wonder of Spanish gastronomy has risen in Spanish and has spread to other countries in recent years, involving a large number liters sold.

In 2021, more than 100 million liters of packaged gazpacho are consumed in Spain, generating a turnover of more than 200 million euros.

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Gazpacho Internasional internationalization

recently sales increase has led to increased production with more traditional recipes and new references. Likewise, countries such as France, England, Belgium or Germany are the main destinations for the arrival of this typical Andalusian product.

That juice and gazpacho sector closed 2021 with a turnover of over 2,000 million euros, which generated more than 6,000 direct jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs.

Tomato plantation for gazpacho production / PIXABAY
Tomato plantation for gazpacho production / PIXABAY

Gazpacho and jus: united in the same master

In the face of this increase in sales, the gazpacho sector has joined the juice sector in a new association: Juice and Gazpacho from Spain.

According to the president, the union of the two products under the same protectorrepresenting 90% of these food producers, helps structure the fruit and vegetable sector, which manages about 20% of fruit and Vegetables citizen.

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