This is the story of Maradona’s shirt that will now be auctioned

“La shirt with which Diego Maradona write unforgettable goal against England in the Mexico-86 World Cup is unique for football lovers”, said Oscar Garré, a member of that Argentine team, after learning that it will be auctioned from April 20.

“Undoubtedly the most symbolic that Argentinian football and world football. It would be great to have him in Argentina”, Garré told AFP.

auction house Sothebys announced this Wednesday New York who will be auctioning clothes that are expected to get more than five million dollars.

Here we present history behind shirt one of the best footballers in the history of this sport.

On June 22, 1986, Diego MaradonaGolden BoyConsidered by many to be the greatest to ever play the game of football, the 25-year-old will make game history and cement his name permanently in the sport’s chronicles and on the world’s biggest stages. world because.


Two goals extraordinary (and perhaps one of the luckiest) in the sport of football scored in the same game, and by the same players, said Sothebys.

The first, known worldwide as “Hand of God“, happened when Maradona, in the second half of the quarter-finals, scored a clever goal with his hands.

“Everything happened quickly, and in the blink of an eye Maradona had deceived the fyounaris, covering their mischief with a convincing celebration.

Diego Maradona faces England’s Steve Hodge and Kenny Sansom Alamy. (Stock Photo/Sotheby’s)

“Like referee they don’t have a clear vision of the game, the goal remains. Giving Argentina a 1-0 lead in this contest.”

In his own words, Maradona told his teammates: “Come on and hold me, or the referee will not allow it”.


After the game, Maradona was quoted as saying he scored with “a few” Maradona’s headand a little by the hand of the Lord.”

He later explicitly stated that he felt it was “symbolic revenge” for Britain’s victory in the War of the Dead. Falkland Islands.

The work is recognized worldwide as one of the most symbolic moments in the history of the sport football.

The second goal is known as “Goal of the CenturyConsidered by many to be the greatest individual goal of all time, it came when Maradona dribbled alongside a number of English players.

Diego Maradona ‘hand of god’ and ‘goal of the century’ world cup jersey depressed. (Photo: Sotheby’s)

Maradona danced around him, carrying the ball half the length of the pitch and scoring a superb second goal against the England goalkeeper. Peter Shilton.


In 2002, FIFA held a vote as part of the promotion for 2002 World Cup.

In a span of 6 weeks, over 340,000 votes were cast from over 150 countries, and Maradona’s second goal in the game was awarded the title “goal of the century“.

The goal would consolidate Argentina’s 2-1 win in the match against England. Argentina will win the World Cup FIFA from 1986.

After the game, England midfielder Steve Hodge (the publisher of this offer), who had accidentally tossed the ball at Maradona in a game of “Hand of God”, decided that he would ask Maradona to change shirts.

In an interview with FIFA, Hodge recalled: “I thought I would never be here again. I’ll try to get a t-shirt… He gave his hand to Maradona. He was bullied by his teammates. So I thought: ‘It doesn’t make sense, let it go’”.


Hodge made interview television and then had a second chance meeting with Maradona.

“After the interview, I went down, behind the goal, into the dressing room. When he came down, Maradona walked with his two teammates equipment. I looked into his eyes, pulled me shirt as if to say ‘is there a chance to change it?’

“He came just right, made prayer and we exchange t-shirts. And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.”

Maradona also presents the exchange in his book, “Touched by God“. “On the way to the dressing room one of the Englishmen, it turned out to be Hodge but I wasn’t sure at the time, he asked me to swap shirts with him. I said yes and we did it.” The shirt is already in the National Football Museum Manchester since 2002.

Part of Sotheby’s challenge in evaluating the t-shirts was to identify them by historical goal. n

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