This man managed to recover his lost luggage thanks to Apple AirTags


Apple AirTag achieved its goal by allowing this person to successfully retrieve his lost luggage in London.

The newly married couple is successful take your luggagethanks to use AirTag apples are stored in a travel bag.

controversial case spread on Twitterfor the message this man sent to the public that he mentioned to @AerLingusand pointed out that “he knows where his lost luggage is”, because the airline did not find his whereabouts.

How did this man proceed to get your luggage back and his wife? that is only thanks to using AirTag, Find Me application, videos created in Power Point and to post on social networks. Then we will tell you the details of this case.

How did they recover the 2 lost suitcases

On April 17th, the newlywed couple I came back from a trip from Johannesburg in South Africa where they got married, to go heading to Englandwhere they currently live.

The journey starts in Johannesburg (South Africa) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Reserve initially it was on a direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Dublin (Great Britain). From Dublin they had to take another internal flight to London.

However, due to the problem of the pandemic, then flight path changed. Changes now include 2 stops, shared with Aer Lingus, the first one stop in abu dhabi and another one in frankfurt (German).

The couple arrived in Dublin, but their luggage was not delivered. this traveler check in total 3 pieces of luggage. Interestingly, each suitcase has apple air tag device that this person had obtained and strategically stored it in checked baggage.

That’s when the traveler Elliot Sharod, used application Find me for him track your bag on the map and found that his luggage had arrived in Frankfurt but they have not been loaded on flights from Germany to Dublin.

The Find My app for Apple devices lets you track your AirTags in real time on a map.

airline In response to that, he indicated that there would be no problem, they will look for them and the suitcases would arrive at the couple’s address on the outskirts of London.

Indeed, the next day they carry their luggage but with one detail, they 2 suitcases and one suitcase missingwhich belongs to the wife.

The UK’s leading baggage repatriation companies and Travel Airline did not provide a timely response. So this man on April 22 decided to send twitter where he mentions the airline to get your attention and publish videos with Power Point where details the tracking performed with AirTag.

How AirTags work and how they find other suitcases

Device AirTag issues tracking alert via Bluetooth, and real time tracking.

With function “Lost Mode” AirTag emits a signal that synced with nearby Apple devices and transmitted to the AirTag owner, via its NFC contact technology.

This means that someone walking near a suitcase with an Apple device will accidentally help issue a warning at your location to owners registered by AirTag.

Purpose of Apple AirTag

The main purpose of Apple AirTag is to find lost objects.

The AirTag kit is tiny, weighing just 11 grams, and this man strategically store it in socks in his wife’s suitcase.

To track AirTags when you leave, you have to follow a series of steps activate Lost Modeas reported in this article “What to do when you lose an AirTag”.

Since April 21, tracking shows that lost baggage has not moved from the city of Pimlicoin central London, but airlines can’t find it on their own.

That AirTag has options to configure so that if someone finds it, they can contact ownerand it didn’t happen.

Elliot Sharod assumed that suitcase stolenand finally with the help of the Police from London on April 22 managed to find it.

The trunk contains handwritten gift card from your weddingsouvenirs of your guests, as well as clothing and personal belongings, therefore urge to find it.

This case is not the only one, and it shows us that depend on Apple tracking devices like AirTagforever Very useful.

AirTags are small in size

AirTags are small and can be kept confidential.

AirTags are inexpensive and help you find certain personal items, such as wallets, backpacks, keys, suitcases, and more, that the purpose for which they are designed.

You should consider it like any other smart device need update. Visit next link if you want to know how to update AirTags to the latest firmware version.

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