Three things to consider when going on a road trip adventure during the holiday season at

Road trips to drive to places of interest and discover the wonders of our country are an excellent choice to clear your bags and enjoy a holiday in these rest days. If you enjoy road trips or are planning one for the first time, OLX Autos Mexicoshare some recommendations to consider and have a better road trip adventure.

  1. Cars as needed

Traveling with family is not the same as traveling with friends, as a couple or alone; or make a trip to the city traveling via mountain roads rather than via highways.

Therefore, it is important to identify whether a minivan or SUV is needed for family comfort, a compact truck or sedan for traveling with friends, a sports car for adrenaline lovers or a subcompact car that provides greater fuel efficiency to reduce travel costs. .

On OLX Mobil You can choose from a variety of used brands and models and find the one that best fits your needs.

  1. Ready and in prime condition

Whenever a car travels more than 10,000 kilometers preventively, it is important for the mechanic to have it checked. Among the main points that you should pay attention to for optimal performance and in this way you keep the safety of those accompanying you, are: state of brakes, belts, hoses and filters, operation of headlights, flashing lights and windshield, tire pressure and oil change , don’t forget the spare tire is in good condition.

Taking these points into account, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into any unforeseen interruptions or have a bad time during your trip.

  1. Practical, efficient and lightweight

The goal of road trips is to enjoy yourself and avoid getting overwhelmed on the road, so the ideal is to travel light, consider the basics for the road, and know that at every stop you will be able to find what you need. Followed by a planned stop must be in accordance with the purpose, whether to take a break, buy lunch, or a place of interest that is part of the trip.

In terms of efficiency, gasoline is one of the larger expenses of a trip; so knowing how to save gas will improve your travel experience. Some tips to consider are: reduce the weight of the car, make sure the tire pressure is optimal, reduce the acceleration time, and avoid traffic jams as much as possible.

Thinking about owning a fuel efficient vehicle like a Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan March or Mazda 2 could be excellent options in this case.

There are many factors that affect the quality of a trip, but without a doubt the main recommendations are to choose a destination that you fall in love with, a travel companion that makes the experience more enjoyable, the surprises that travel may bring, and most importantly: the choice of the right car.

If in your imminent plan is to acquire pre-owned to plan future trips, at OLX Autos you can choose the pre-owned that will be your next travel companion, backed by a 6 month warranty and a 7 day or 300 kilometer test for peace of mind You. .

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