TikTok makes its own music streaming service

A big company dedicated to the digital world have discovered in recent years that the strategy to stay strong is diversify what they do. So, for example, we have Netflix distributing gaming apps, Amazon creating its own online music, movie, and series service, and even Facebook creating a metaverse where the possibilities, they argue, are endless.

Now, turn to tik tok. China’s social network which has developed rapidly in recent years and has set the trend in digital consumption, now has made the leap to music promotion.

This, through its new platform called Voice Oncompletely dedicated to improve music distribution, offers artists free tools to do so. Most important of all is that they can upload your music for free and that this, being on SoundOn, can be part of the most popular music streaming platforms (like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, among others), and Resso, which is similar to its own Spotify.

But the music won’t stop there, it will soon become part of the TikTok catalog, with which other content creators can create their videos, and possibly make songs go viral, as has happened to many in recent years.

One question that might arise is, if this platform does not charge musicians for the services it provides, What percentage of reproduction will they give musicians? SoundOn confirms that 100% of the revenue generated by these voices on Resso, its platform, and on TikTok when the artist’s music is used in the videos they create, is entirely for the artist. And that on other platforms like Apple Music or Spotify, where artists can choose whether they want to send their music from their SoundOn account, artists will get 100 percent of their rights during the first year and 90 percent in subsequent years. follow.

In addition to providing them with a service to manage their music on streaming platforms, SoundOn will allow artists to see all the information from users who listen to their songs, and they will also receive (it’s not clear yet how) advice from the platform in marketing.

For now SoundOn has started its activities in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Indonesia, but they will soon open their doors to all the world’s artists, through their website. soundon.global. The only thing an artist has to do to be a part of it is to register on their website and upload their music.

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