Tom Holland’s new film ‘Uncharted’ hits theaters today

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Angel.- sign Wahlberg wear skin Victor “Sully” Sullivana veteran treasure hunter, and Dutch realize Nathan Drakea young man who tracks “the greatest treasure ever found” on a cassette “Uncharted” which arrived today in theaters in Mexico.

The footage has raised high hopes both among lovers of the video game that bears the same name, it was inspired by, and among followers of the actor, such as Holland himself.

With a touch of humor and a plot that invites you to follow the action, the production is amplified by the spectacular use of special effects and interpretations of the two protagonists in some almost heart-stopping scenes.

And the film tells of an intense transoceanic adventure that takes “Sully” and Nathan into different scenarios, from exotic tropical beaches to the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

In this regard, during an interview with Efe, Wahlberg referred to the “beautiful” locations where he shot during filming in Spain, where he worked with Antonio Banderas (Santiago Moncada in the film).

“I’ve known Antonio Banderas for years, but I’ve never filmed with him either. It’s great to be recording now with someone I consider a great actor,” explains Wahlberg, who also revealed that Banderas acted as “translator” for him. during his days in Spain. .

The trio of lead actors “Uncharted” was completed by American actress Tati Gabrielle, known for her role in the hit Netflix series “You”; as well as American Sophia Ali, appeared in the cast of the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

“Uncharted” opened last weekend to gross $21.5 million in theaters in Eastern Europe, the UK and Spain. In the last country, it grossed around 3.5 million and was positioned as the best box office premiere of 2022.

Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas. Photo: EFE / JJ Guillen

This weekend will be the film’s turn to be seen in markets as important as the United States, Brazil, Australia, Germany or Italy. Everything seems to indicate that, after the latest version of “Spider-Man”, Sony Pictures will get another good response from the public and there will be a second sequel “Uncharted”. EFE

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