Toronto reveals sections of Discovery, Midnight Madness and Wavelengths

– The Festival has announced 54 new titles across three major divisions, of which 16 are fully or partially European productions.

Weekend in Gaza by Basil Khalil

After the announcement of the first batch of selection (Read Bulletin) and a more compact platform section, all consisting of this year’s world premiere (read Bulletin), the Toronto International Film Festival (September 8-18) Announced the second set of major titles in the Discovery, Midnight Madness, and Wavelengths sections. The three venues will host 54 films, 16 of which are full or European co-productions. Particularly at Wavelengths, the festival’s left section and experimental section, most enjoyed their first full North American show after excelling at Cannes and Berlin.

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Discovery, booked for a first or second appearance, has several high-profile Middle Eastern films among its EU-funded crew. basil khalil‘s Weekend in Gaza, a British-Palestinian co-production, is a “funny and irreverent satire” that follows “a stammering Englishman and a nervous Israeli who are desperate to get to the Gaza Strip, ‘the safest place in the world,’ as they spread the A virus. “. Standard British Television Stephen Manga And Mona Eve Double play. red apple flavorA film financed by Israel and Germany, directed by a Syrian director Ehab Tarabayis “a captivating performance,” according to TIFF’s notes, of a respected sheikh forced to choose between family and duty after his estranged brother returns to the Golan Heights.

dorota leechTIFF International’s Programmers and Discovery Programmers said: “This event is an exhibition of cinema and talent from around the world, a place to discover works that are bold, distinctive and, above all, passionate. This year’s powerful program features 24 films that have shaken us to the core, filled us with joy, broke our hearts and, most importantly, reminded us that the future is bright.

The wavelength, almost like a festival within a festival with off-site exhibitions and short programming, will allow Toronto fans to see artists like Alberto Serrafamous Pacification [+see also:
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And joao pedro rodriguezmasad Fluorescent light that floats or floats at night on marshy land [+see also:
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, a Portuguese musical that made the audience applaud in the middle of the screening of the film Can Quinzin. senior coordinator Andrea Picardo“This year’s selection in the Wavelengths line-up reimagines the possibilities of cinema in an inspiring and rejuvenating way. The same program continues to support film as an art in an increasingly challenging non-commercial and non-conformist business climate.”

Titles announced so far for the three divisions:


inspectionbratton elegance (USA) (opening film)
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universeH. Alberto (United States of America)
ruby baby
peace wall (United States of America)
Benjamin Millepied (Australia/France)
Daughter of Wrath (Daughter of all Rage)Laura Baumeister (Nicaragua)
Weekend in Gazabasil khalil (United Kingdom/Palestine)
I like moviesChandler levac (Canada)
long breakPertskhalava Davit (Georgia)
conejose aminta (Canada)
Back to Seoul [+see also:
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interview: Davy Chou
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davy chu (South Korea/France/Germany/Belgium)
PinkJill Morris (Canada)
runnermariano matias (US/France/Germany)
ShmoniAngela Wangiko Wamay (Kenyan)
snow and bearErgonomic cylinder (Turkey / Germany / Serbia)
something i said last nightlouis phillips (Canada/Switzerland)
susie looking forsophie kargman (United States of America)
sweet clark’s work (Australia)
red apple flavorEhab Tarabay (Israel / Germany)
this placeVT Nayani (Canada)
disturbShame Riemann (Denmark)
Until the branches bendsophie jarvis (Canada)
when morning comeskelly five marshall (Canada)
burning youthsheila bay (Canada)

midnight madness

Strangers: Jankovic’s Storyeric apple (USA) (opening film)
darknessTeam story (United States of America)
PearlWest (United States of America)
village prankstervera drawing (United States of America)
Wolf Hunting Projectkim hongsun (South Korea)
diseaseJohn Hyams (United States of America)
Jalmari spinner (Finland)
Venusjames balagheru (Spanish)
V/H/S 99The Flying Lotus, Johannes Roberts, Maggie Levine, Tyler McIntyre, Vanessa, and Joseph Winter (United States of America)
Eleanor will never dieMartika Ramirez Escobar (Philippines) (film closed)


feature film

Valley of Concrete – Anthony Bourget (Canada)
D Human Enterprise Manufacturing [+see also:
film review
interview: Véréna Paravel, Lucien Cast…
film profile
Verina Paravel/lucien casting taylor (France / Switzerland)
dry land burning [+see also:
film review
film profile
Juana Pepper/Adderley Quiros (Portugal/Brazil)
horse operaMoira Davy (United States of America)
Pacification [+see also:
film review
interview: Albert Serra
film profile
Alberto Serra (France / Spain / Germany / Portugal)
Queen of the Qing DynastyAshley Mackenzie (Canada)
upheaval [+see also:
film review
interview: Cyril Schäublin
film profile
cyril choplin (Switzerland)
Fluorescent light that floats or floats at night on marshy land [+see also:
film review
film profile
joao pedro rodriguez (Portugal / France)

short film

after workCeline Condorelli, Ben Rios (Great Britain)
bigger insideAngelo Madsen Minx (United States of America)
IncidentSharon Lockhart (United States of America)
The battle looks different now 2 yearsmaxi fox (Mesa Grande/US Reserve)
mirageTasita Din (UK AMERICAN)
horse caliberWiam Haddad (France)
I think of your worldKurt Walker (Canada)
moonriseVincent Grenier (US/Canada)
Oldest Newestpaul mazulo (Argentina / Canada)
door doorJessica Sarah Renania, Luis Arneas (Mexico/US/Venezuela)
The time that separates usParast Anushpur (Canada / Jordan / Palestine)
What governs the invisible?tiffany shit (United States of America)

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