Triathlon completely vetoes trans athletes and creates open category in Great Britain

The next sport will take an important step in updating its policy with transgender athletes in the women’s category. before i do it World Triathlon, british triathlon will deal a blow that goes beyond wisdom GOOD: Will ban anyone born male even if they have not experienced male puberty. This is a limit that seems to be set by the new sporting regulations that study change, but the body is more along the lines of Boris Johnson.

As you have advanced Telegraph, the policy that the British Triathlon will approve this Wednesday will be the most stringent announced this summer. This controversy has entered into a new division after the emergence of the case Lia Thomas you Emily Bridges in swimming and cycling, respectively. To be precise, these two sports organizing bodies have updated their regulations for the participation of transgender athletes who are transitioning from male to female and wish to participate in women’s competitions.

In addition, information from British newspapers explains that the body plans to create open categories in which trans women can compete, as set out by FINA. This will be implemented gradually over the coming years, so there will be time to professionally establish this new way of competing for all athletes who don’t feel identified with the gender they had as soon as they were born.

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Everyone came shaken by the pressure Nadine Dorry, the minister most involved in the matter, after a week of summits she met with the UK’s national federation where she enforced that they ban trans women from elite women’s competitions. It remains to be seen if the World Triathlon follows suit great Britain and create restrictive policies for this sector of athletes that may be affected.

The standards for the two most relevant world associations are still under review: the FIFA you World Athletics. Leading body Giani Infantino studies set an age limit for transitioning and testosterone because of the inequalities that may exist. The world of athletics also explains that he followed the same path. Even though they are separated, a triathlon doing it in this way can affect them.

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With this way, International Cycling Union it will remain as one of the few to update its rules and continue to be set by the previous variable. The only thing UCI does is allow trans women to participate in elite women’s competitions, as long as they take steps to lower their testosterone levels. It did so by halving the maximum allowable amount for trans women from 5 nanomoles per liter to 2.5 and doubling the length of time they had to stay below the level from one to two years.

It International Hockey Federation She also stated two weeks ago that they were reviewing their policy on the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports. It International Canoe Federation It is following the same path and will present the new rules at a board meeting in November.

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