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The Tritium company, which we have talked about on several occasions, has recently announced its partnership with Aqua super power. The agreement has been entered into with the aim of incentivizing and promoting the use and acquisition of new electric vessels. Thanks to this association, they plan expand this electric boat charging network in various waterways and ports around the world, but made Europe the initial axis of its expansion.

Tritium is a manufacturer specializing in the development of different charging networks for electric vehicles around the world, while Aqua superPower, for its part, is showing its greatest potential in charging networks for electric ships. This company owns the whole supercharger equipment with a power of up to 150 kW specifically located in the environment of the use of electric boats.

Agreement between the two companies will start in early January. Aqua superPower is a company of significant relevance on British soil, being able to carry out the development of its fast charger network thanks to a significant grant from the UK Department of Transport, which is a major advance in its work.

Now Tritium is sealing its position as a strategic partner and, within the framework of this new partnership, both brands will seek to expand the area of ​​influence of their charging station network for electric boats. This plan won’t take long to take its first hit and it will be during January when it launches. The current Aqua superPower network will begin to be implemented in a much more tangible way throughout Europe, and more specifically in the Côte d’Azur and Italian Riviera areas.

Initial landings will be made at key positions on the Côte d’Azur.

Today, the plan to electrify the European maritime fleet considering a total of 150 new fast chargers, which will be installed throughout 2022. It will be financially supported under a new partnership with Tritium. From Aqua superPower they place a high level of technological value on the electric vehicle sector from a variety of fields that they have harvested at Tritium over their years of experience.

This is a a fundamental step in driving the movement towards a new type of maritime electric mobility, because providing potential customers with a specific set of infrastructure will be critical to approaching this new mechanism as realistic and fully functional for the owner’s day-to-day life. The adoption of a 100% electric marine transport network would mean a significant reduction in carbon emissions to the atmosphere, especially since these vehicles are not ecologically characterized.

New charging network technology to be implemented in the coming months It is rated IP65, meaning a completely hermetically sealed loading station, indicating a high level of safety and reliability which is more than relevant. Post word will have two CCS ports, as well as simultaneous charging capacity, which means the possibility of supplying power to two electric boats simultaneously without affecting the charging power. This charger sealing technology will be complemented by Aqua superPower user management technology, which will provide customers with a much more complete and attractive comprehensive service.

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