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Written by: Victor Alos Yus @sepelaci 7 July 2022 3 minutes

A British police officer has expressed his discontent with the performance of electric cars that deliver on-body, highly demanding services.

Though electric car continues to gain a place in many areas of society, it seems They are not that useful and efficient what is expected of them. It police forces from many cities in Europe and America incorporate these types of vehicles into their operational fleet and possibly the expected results from them are not all practical which should.

It gloucestershire police It is the UK’s security agency that has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in service. 21% of the vehicles are of this type. Depend on 66 Nissan LEAVES and nine e-NV200 vans, making its commitment to modernizing its fleet with electric vehicles clear. But they are not at all happy with this vehicle.

Problems with police electric vehicles

have become Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson, who has expressed his disgust with this vehicle. According to this city police charge, on several occasions electric vehicle had to be pulled from service because it ran out of battery during the.

This causes the agent to looking for an electric charger right away or just have to find another vehicle in order to fulfill its function. All of this causes delays in service provision and obstacles in fulfilling their role in fighting crime and providing services to citizens.

According to Commissioner Nelson, it matters owning this type of vehicle to deal with climate change and comply with current regulations. It must be remembered that from 2035 no cars with combustion engines will be marketed, so Police cars must also be all electric.

But the technology is not as sophisticated as needed to perform these services. Nelson is afraid of that emergency vehicle running out of battery during service delivery. The use of lights, heating or air conditioning, and communication systems causes higher energy consumption than ordinary carswhich reduces his autonomy a lot.

Also keep in mind extra weight of police equipment, which also affects battery performance. All this makes This police officer asks for caution in transitioning to electric vehicles. The presence of electric cars in police forces around the world This is still a testimonial and it looks like it will continue to do so for quite some time.

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