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ULLEVAAL (VG) Manchester City great talent Julie Blakstad (20) has only met Ada Hegerberg (26) once before the national team meeting. He was then 16 years old and a “Hegerberg student.”

TEAM TEAM: There is Hegerberg (left) and Julie Blakstad at national team training on Tuesday.

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In the summer of 2018, Julie Blakstad participated in the Hegerberg-run football school in Ekebergsletta. Four years later, they are together on the football field again. This time as teammates.

– When I was a kid, I mostly had male players that I admired, but when he (Hegerberg) came out and made it so early, then I started to open my eyes to the girls too. It’s possible to dream big as a woman, so that’s really inspiring, Blakstad told VG after Tuesday’s training at Ullevaal.

As is known, Ada Hegerberg made a comeback in the national team for the first time since 2017 this week.

20-year-old Blakstad said he was thrilled that his former football school teacher was back. In 2018, Manchester City players received a personal invitation to the school from Hegerberg, which a 16-year-old had a hard time accepting.

– I remember when I received a message I almost didn’t think he was the one sending the message, and I had to check if it was spam. It was said that he was truly a role model, and it was huge when I received the message. I had a very positive experience there, and those are the memories I have with me.

EXAMPLE: Julie Blakstad (right) looks to Ada Hegerberg as her role model.

– How does it feel to meet Hegerberg now?

– Very pleasant. He is very friendly and gives hugs to everyone. He was easy to talk to, and no problem at all, replied Blakstad.

The duo warmed up together and the two seemed to be in a good mood at Tuesday’s national team training.

When ready for the game moments later, Blakstad sent the scorer for Hegerberg’s first goal of the “training comeback”. The England professional said he was very hopeful that this was something Norway supporters would look to in counting the games as well.

– I am a player who wants to contribute offensively and Ada is a strong boxer. I think we should use him as a card in attacking games when we have him on top.

Following his transfer from Rosenborg to Manchester City in January, there were a few substitutes on the bench for the Ottestad girl. He wasn’t too worried about that.

He believes everything is a step up from everyday life as a professional in Norway versus England.

– It’s a bit like you think. It’s more professional. I’m getting better every day playing against and with the best. Our team has 10-11 players in the England national team, so challenging yourself against them is something very positive to bring here, concluded Blakstad.

The great talent has earned eight games for the blue shirt from Manchester. For the national team A, he already has 12 games.

Norway meet Kosovo for World Cup qualifiers on Thursday 18.00. This match is broadcast on NRK.

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