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FIRST PRESIDENTIAL MEETING: Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden meet in Switzerland in June.

While Vladimir Putin used threats, military pressure, and disinformation to divide Europe, Joe Biden sought to unite the Allies.

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre met with President Biden and his security policy adviser Jake Sullivan at the White House.

Støre says he feels Biden and his people are open and listening to allies.

As Russia’s neighbour, Norway has had a unique experience that piqued Biden’s interest. Støre described Biden as the president with perhaps the longest foreign policy experience. This is good for Norway and NATO.

But now another seasoned leader, Vladimir Putin, is testing Biden seriously. Putin mobilized great power on the border with Ukraine and sent unwavering demands to the United States and NATO.

TALKED ABOUT RUSSIA: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre meets President Joe Biden at the White House.

When Biden became president, he promised that the time was right for the United States to give in to Russian aggression. Biden said the most effective way is to work with allies and think alike. In the Ukraine crisis, it was vital for Biden to be in close and ongoing contact with allies in NATO.

Biden has not only promised a tougher stance on Putin than his predecessor. He wanted to improve relations with the Allies to withstand the pressure of the emerging authoritarian powers.

The United States wants to focus on China, which is undoubtedly the biggest challenge of the 21st century. But Putin wants it differently. He has made sure to get Biden’s full attention.

Putin has never accepted that Ukraine seeks closer economic and security cooperation with Western countries. Now he is trying with threats to restore the sphere of Russian interests. The timing is hardly coincidental.

Half a year ago, the United States and NATO suffered a painful defeat in Afghanistan. Biden struggled with support after several political defeats. Britain was hit by a political scandal. Europe is trying to catch up after the pandemic. This gave Putin an opportunity to sow division in the West.

In both Norway and other western countries, there are some who believe that the United States and NATO have as much, or as much, responsibility as Russia for the acute danger of war. They have to listen to Ukraine. Ukrainians know what Russian aggression means.

If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, Biden will appear weak. Confidence that the United States would then be able to counter China and other authoritarian states would weaken significantly.

The best way to prevent war is for the United States and Europe to stand together on one clear message to Russia: An attack will trigger strong economic and political sanctions. A good alternative is negotiation. The door opened.

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