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After the youth icon Justin Bieber disappointed his British fans after leaving the stage of the concert he was performing at Manchester Arena (United Kingdom), the popular singer, according to the American portal People, wrote a statement in which he explained the real reason. why you left your presentation unfinished.

Justin Bieber wrote an open letter to all his followers who were affected by the distortion of information generated after leaving the Manchester Arena stage.

Through your account Indonesia issued a statement that Justin Bieber removed from social networks. “People tend to want to shut you down. What I mean by this is… people try to twist it, some people don’t want to listen,” the young Canadian singer wrote.

“But I just feel that if I don’t use this platform to say how I really feel, to be the man I know, and to talk about what’s in my heart, then I’ll be doing myself an injustice.” Bieber, who announced an upcoming concert in Peru to the delight of his fans.

Justin Bieber

“I don’t pretend to be perfect and I hope to God I don’t say the right things all the time because I’m going to be a robot,” explained the Canadian singer. “I will always be myself on stage,” added the “Sorry” singer.

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