Two defeats on the first day saw Spain crash out of the quarter-finals

That Spain men’s rugby 7 team left this Friday with no option to go to the quarter-finals of the tournament Malaga, third phase World Series, after their defeat on the opening day with United States (14-19) and Argentina (12-40), so he will play for ninth place.

It’s not easy debut Spanish, which is measured first against rivals, WE, armed with his two stilettos, sprinter Carlin Islands and myths Perry Baker, the best player in the world two years in a row, even though the score is unlocked in the first game Phil Tomasin, who slipped between the last two defenders of the Spanish line.

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Baker made it 0-14 after three minutes after breaking through the scrum side of midfield, but Spanish quickly replied with an extremely complicated attack from his twenty-second zone which finally sent to Joseph Serres to pose oval among North American sticks.

On receiving the kick-off, Isles burst into action, capitalizing on the gap opened by America’s long strike and running sixty yards alone, although Spain remained in touch on the scoreboard thanks to an essay by Pol Pla, well served by Edward Martinez on the right wing.

The national team had almost two minutes to complete the comeback with the possibility of winning the throw thanks to the aerial dominance of Manuel Moreno, but Juan Ramos took too long to play the oval, leading the English referee Adam Leal whistles for a free kick allowed The United States maintained possession until the end (19-14).

Defeat against Argentina by 12-40

The task against Argentina, Olympic bronze in Tokyo 2020, looks tough and that was confirmed from the kick-off, won by ‘Pumas’, who combined three minutes of total fouls to practice through Rodrigo Isgro, who fired power through the middle.

The South Americans stole the center kick for the second attempt, which was made by Thomas Elizalde, and they fought back from their own end zone after the break bell rang to score again thanks to Luciano Gonzalez (0-19).

Marcos Moneta, declared the best player in the world in 2021, he showed himself when the game restarted training in private action, where he collects a kick to follow his own kick, and is repeated immediately after a pass with the foot Lautaro Bazan before Tiago Romero and Francisco Soriano score.

Argentina, already with all the reserves on the pitch, still had the desire to add more points to their win and they achieved it thanks to breaking away on the left flank from Agustin Fraga (12-40).

On Saturday, Spain will be the favorites against Jamaica, the team invited to make amends for Samoa’s last-minute loss, at the close of the group stage, and will also play, already in the afternoon session, the quarter-finals of the consolation cup.

First day results:

Kenya, 17 – Canada, 19

France, 38 – Wales, 10

Ireland, 33 – Japan, 14

South Africa, 27 – Scotland, 7

Australia, 12 – Germany, 12

Spain, 14 – United States, 19

Argentina, 31 – Jamaica, 7

Kenya, 14 – Wales, 19

France, 38 – Canada, 5

Ireland, 24 – Germany, 7

Australia, 42 – Japan, 0

England, 24 – Scotland, 17

United States, 47 – Jamaica, 0

Spain, 12 – Argentina, 40.

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